Keep Calm 5/5 (1)

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    Question and Answer: How to get the trust for Breath Control 5/5 (10)

  • Brian ask a really good question. I will answer his question and will give you a little how to trust…

    I didn’t hear from you in reply to my previous email. I love all the bondage and breath control videos you do and I like doing them myself. But I often panic badly when tied up or handcuffed. Can you tell me how you don’t panic during your sessions. I’ve used “poppers” but it doesn’t help. Is there any other substances I can use to keep me calm? Many thanks for helping me out. Brian.

    EmoBCSMSlave Breath Controlled w/ a bag

    How to trust

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    You can really ask me anything 😉

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  • Anonymous:

    Dude you have really nice legs! Can you post a vid of you removing your football socks please? And if possible with your caged cock hanging there uselessly


    Thank you! 😃

    Yes, it’s possible…

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    User Request – Soccer Kit Picture w/o Trainers and Sox 5/5 (8)

  • @iluvsox and @jimbeau1uk requested after this to view a picture w/o trainers…
    Here they are and for the barefoot lovers a picture w/o trainers and sox. 😉

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    I’m bored… Change it… 4.86/5 (7)

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    I’m bored… Your chance to ask me anything

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  • Anonymous:

    Hi there. So apparently when you insert a cuffed E T tube through your nose or mouth, you are left unable to speak (as the tube goes pasted your voice box) and can only breath through the tube. Would you ever consider trying anything like that out with a re-breather bag attached? I could think of a few fun things to do…

    Definitely breath control by endotracheal intubation is one of the most extreme and most comprehensive breath control categories, but it is also one of the most dangerous.

    Tracheal intubation is the placement of a flexible plastic tube into the trachea.
    It is an invasive and extremely uncomfortable medical procedure.

    The person who places such a intubation into the trachea must know exactly what he is doing, otherwise this endeavor ends fatal.

    I’m sorry, you’ll never view me in such a breath play situation like you described.

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  • Anonymous:

    Great to see you back. Aiden

    Hi Aiden

    Thank you! 🙂

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  • Anonymous:

    Hi, I’m an Italian guy aged about like you and I follow your channel from the beginning. I like very much your body and your emo style. I’m into foot fetish so I’d like to ask you to post more photos about your fetish feet where I can see your toes and nails. Thanks. Ale

    Ciao Ale 🙂

    Thank you for your message and compliments. 😊
    Yes, of course, it’s possible to see me barefoot, and to see my toes and nails.



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    Soccer Emo into Mystim Pubic Enemy #2 Chastity – Part 2 5/5 (14)

  • As I told you yesterday, I was bored and I was naughty because I was so horny and my dick was not free, he was in his new Mystim Pubic Enemy #2 Cock Cage and I can’t touch him.

    tumblr_nxfdcrT2Ha1tiafbeo8_1280Have a look to 7 more pictures of this set… Continue reading

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