I need your ‘swarm’ help

You’ve noticed it already…
Though blogs with sexual content are allowed on Tumblr, but it’s not allowed to host videos/clips with sexual content on Tumblr.
Vidoes with sexual content are however permitted on Tumblr, if you embedding them from other sides, like xtube.com or xHamster.com (cp.).

So I like the feature, such as Tumblr embeds videos. You can playback them on nearly any mobile devices – like the iPhone oder iPad that can’t play any adobe flash content.

Most services, like xTube.com, where you can upload Adult Videos embed them unfortunately only as an adobe flash video. So you can’t playback them on mobile devices.
But some of my visitors (including  me) visit Tumblr and my blog with mobile devices. They should watch the videos, too.
Tumblr recommends xHamster.com for videos with sexual content.
xHamster embed videos as MP4 videos. These videos can be played on mobile devices.
But for conversion you have to wait up to 4 days.
That’s too long, isn’t it?

So I’m looking for a service, that allows me to upload BDSM and porn videos and embedded the videos so that mobile devices – like the iPhone – can play them.

And this is the point where I need your help!

Do you know services where I can upload xxx rated videos that mobile devices can play and embed them on Tumblr.

Please write them into the comments or ‘Ask me anything’. (The only places I can answer you).




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