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My JustFor.Fans Account


BDSM/Bondage/Kinky Blogs, Sites and Communities

Commercially but still good Sites



Favorite BDSM Shop

Masters and Slaves at meo-team.com

Broken / Gone Sites
  • Bondage-Guy.com (English, Tumblr Bondage blog of a friend and really cute, kinky slave) – Sadly broken ATM, I hope he’ll be back one day. In meantime visit his Twitter account @gear_freak. You’ll like his channel.
  • No Safe Word (English) – Broken, invalid SSL certificate
  • The BreathControl Network (English) – Broken, Network no longer exists
  • Fox Bound (English) – Broken ATM I don’t know what happened with this amazing blog of FOX 🙁 –
  • Ligoteur (English / French / German)  – Broken –
  • Gearfetish.com (English) Broken – I don’t know what happened to Gearfetish.com but it was one of my first gay bdsm websites / communities I was registered. 🙁 –
  • EmoChastity.com – was my daily chastity diary tumblr blog. The blog is already there but the domain (URL) and a little bit of the daily content has changed. You will find EmoChastity.com now if you open EmoBDSM.com in your browser.
  • EmoBDSM.com – I decided to delete the domain. It’s no longer my domain.
  • Gayboyfetisch.net – Due to hardware failure not available (Feb. 2018)
  • BoundPlay.com – Redirects to a parking domain (Feb. 2018)
  • Bondagefusion.com – Page looks abandoned and empty (Feb. 2018)