Tumblr Notes (Re-blogs)


This blog based on a Tumblr blog of mine. That means the post are a collection of own (EmoBCSMSlave) and re-blogged fetish content with stuff I like.

Stuff from other Tumblr User

If I have not even created the content but re-blogged it from other Tumblr users, I assume that the primary publisher owns the rights of the content – according to the guidelines of Tumblr.

In the case the content is a re-blog of Tumblr and if it’s not be seen in the sequence of a quote, I admit the source with the reference to: Source: Tumblr + ‘link to the original tumblr source’, i.e.:

Source: Tumblr http://emochastity.tumblr.com/post/112631117953/emochastity-challenge-2015-day-33-day-22-after

under the post.

Is it your stuff?

Sometimes it may happen that the content (i.e. a picture) is not the work of the Tumblr user, who posted it and did not have the rights to publish it. I usually try to make sure that all re-blogged posts are governed to the rights of the original publisher or author on Tumblr. It is possible that I have evaluated it wrong for a work. In this case maybe the work is yours and should not be published.

What to do?

If a photo, video, text, etc. is yours and you want to remove it please sent me an email ([email protected]) or use my contact form. You can also use the “Content Report” button. Please be very detailed on which one it is and I will removed it as soon as possible.

You would re-blog posts of GayBreathControl.com

On the other hand, you can re-blog almost every post from this blog on Tumblr.
To this end, you will find on each post a Tumblr button. Click this and it opens Tumblr.

If you download my content and want to publish it independent, please leave the Copyright to the pictures, videos, texts and so on.
To make this possible, I have provided my blog under a Creative Commons 4.0 International License.
I would be very appreciate it if you could notify me with a link to your publication.