EmoBCSMlave's Holiday Special

Holiday Special 2019 – EmoBCSMSlaves’s XI Poppers Training 45 mins on JustFor.fans 5/5 (93)

Holiday Season 2019 As an holiday season premium video suprise I’ve a 45 mins recording of a Cam4 live show for you I’ve done earlier. 🙂 Watch this nearly uncut Poppers Training, Rubber ans Selfbondage on my JustFor.Fans channel and watch a sum here on GayBreathControl.com. 🙂 With the Code …

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Part one of IDK, maybe three or four parts of our last session. Today I present you a 4 1/2 mins sequence of my newest 12 mins. premium Xtube video “RUBBER EMO STRAPPED IN SEGUFIX AND JERK OFF WITH ELECTRO” and some pictures of this session part. My Master strapped …

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EmoBCSMSlave Sweat Suit segufixed and Breath Controlled

Video: EmoBCSMSlave Segufixed, Estimed & Breath Controlled Cumshot – Part 3 5/5 (28)

Part three is the video part of our last recorded session. I’m wearing a sweat suit, my cock is wired to our ESTIM device, locked in the ESTIM chastity cage and my breath is controlled with our vacuum breathplay mask and I cummed twice. This is a ten minute sequence video …

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EmoBCSMSlave Chair Bondage and Swim Cap Breath Control

VIDEO: 28 Days – 28 FAPruary Posts Day 26 – Blue EmoBCSMSlave breath controlled – Part 2 4.8/5 (5)

Day 26 of of my “28 Days – 28 FAPruary posts” means only 2 daily posts of this challenge after this post are left. If you have a request for the last two days of the challenge let me know. But back to todays post. Today you watch me in …

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