Q&A between Christmas and New Year’s Day Part 2 5/5 (1)

Two days ago I started a Q&A for the days until New Year’s Day. To be honest, I didn’t get a lot of questions or requests in my mailboxes. To be more precise, two questions or requests were sent to me. One of them is even a follow-up to a former request. However, both are important to me and worth to be answered.

By the way, if you want, you can always ask me anything and request something for future sessions.;) I will say something about it at the end of the post.

Okay, let’s start with the first request.

Q&A – Ballet Guy

Maybe you could be a young ballet boy in white tights kidnapped and bagged.

krisw1979 asked on Tumblr

Hi krisw1979! 😊
Thx for your request.
Sounds good to me. Guys in ballet costumes are quite often really sexy.
I only need white tights or a ballet outfit. 🙂

Q&A – My favorite scene, we have recorded

The second question or follow-up was…

Thanks for replying so quickly to my request from the other day. I had a question come to mind; What is your absolute favourite scene that you’ve made?

wrestlersdefeated asked: on Tumblr

You’re welcome. Thanks for your questions. 🙂

You mean from the sessions (videos and pictures) I’ve posted so far? There are several. Two that immediately comes to mind, are scenes that were published some time ago.

Emo ESTIM Breath Play until Passing Out

The first that comes to my mind is a video that is now on my JFF channel only.
I was tied up in a lawn chair. My breath was taken away with a bag and a swim cap. My cock was locked in one of our CBs and plugged up to ESTIM. Suddenly, I passed out. The feeling was so awesome for me. After that I was allowed to cum. You can find it on JFF – EmoBCSMSlave ESTIM Breath Play until I’m Out – Jerk Off. There are also a few pictures here in my blog.

EmoBCSMSlave’s Barefeet Spread Eagle Blackout

Secondly, there is a session that happened as a result of a request from a user.

The request was…

I have a request, to see you tied up fully clothed in emo style clothes except for barefeet. Then you breath controlled to the point of PO with the camera perspective from your tied soles so we can see you and your toes squirming and struggling.

I was tied to the bed. My breath was taken with one of our vacuum masks and swim caps. We started with the vacuum latex mask. After my Master took it off, I hyperventilated. Due to the hyperventilating, I became unconscious without any intention. That was horny. Later I knocked out again while wearing my swim cap.

I had published the video of the session on my Xtube channel (btw. RIP Xtube ^^). After Xtube deleted it in 2016/17, I uploaded it to my blog so that everyone can watch it for free. The video can still be found on my blog: EmoBCSMSlave’s Barefeet Spread Eagle Blackout and I’ll post it here again.

I enjoyed both videos or sessions a lot, as I do all the other sessions. What I also really, really love is our Segufix system. In nothing do I feel better tied up and immobilized. In Segufix and then still in latex, or lycra sportswear you can do anything with me.

These were the questions I got on Tumblr. Now it’s your turn.

Do you have requests?

If you have suggestions, requests or questions, feel free to send to “ASK me anything” here, to my blog, on Twitter, Instagram or if you follow me on JustFor.fans, asked me there. Please tell me your thoughts we welcome all your requests. Soon I will offer you requests and custom content on my Justfor.fans channel that will be exclusively for you that no one else will get or watch, if you wish.


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