EmoBCMSlave 365 Days Chastity Challenge 2021 – Week 2 4.92/5 (12)

The third week of my 365 Days Chastity Challenge has started today. Time to look back at week two.

I took a look at the numbers of visitors of part one. Those numbers were compare with other post, not worth the effort to take, edit and publish two pictures of every day. 😔 I published three posts on Tumbler because they classified two of them that only I could see them, even though there was no chastity belt or penis to be seen there.

Nevertheless, few visitors found their way to the chastity post. I think your interests are rather different. You visit GayBreathControl.com to see or watch breath control pictures or videos, less chastity. For this reason I made a decision. Of course I’ll continue the challenge, but from now on I’ll only publish selected pictures or situation videos of the previous week. It might be that there will be only one picture, or video published per week. I regret that profoundly and this isn’t written in stone. 😉

EmoBCMSlave 365 Days Chastity Challenge 2021 – Week 2

For todays post I decided to publish pictures that show me and my chastity device while studying for university at home. These pictures have a background. You can watch it in a matching video on my JustFor.fans and Xtube accounts at the end of the week.

If you think I am wrong and you would like to see pictures from every day of a week, let me know in the comments below.

Preview Video of EmoBCSMSlave’s Cycling Poppers Training

The session was special. I had to, nope, I was allowed to, still record a poppers training video. It should be the last time for the next 365 days that I myself can lay hands on my cock. But even that was peppered with a little nastiness, as you might be able to figure out in the preview video. You find the complete poppers training JustFor.fans with many other videos in a subscription and individually for purchase on Xtube.

– Don’t forget you can request photos or videos, read more about this at rules down below. –

The Rules

You have questions, requests, orders or tasks for me, simply send them by ask me anything. I’m trying to implement your orders, tasks and wishes in one of our next session pictures and videos. In the best case you’ll see everyday a new session post of me on my Tumblr accounts (@emobondage and @EmoBCSMSlave and my blog GayBreathControl.com). Each post will have at least 5 pictures or one video of 3mins. 🙂

Please follow me on my new private Facebook account for more private and kinky things (w/o xxx ^^) of a “young Emo Slave”. If you’re on Facebook, you can request my friendship. My Facebook account: facebook.com/EmoBCSMSlave.

Don’t forget I promised you, there will still be vids of me that are free and not at my JFF amateur profile. 🙂 You’ll find them also at GayBreathControl.com.

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