LondonRopeTop: Red Suspended Mummy

And now one last tape shout use… One strip for the nose of the red mummified guy.
After the strip has been stuck over the nose of the mummy, just leave the sub wriggle a little. – If I were the slave, I would want it that way.


Source: LondonRopeTop: Suspended  Mummification

I am proud to present you with the permission of LondonRopeTop pictures out of his Tumblr blog.
Please visit his blog for more of his unique bondage and breath control pictures.

I like his art of bondage, mummification and how he control the breath of his subs.

About LondonRopeTop:
LondonRopeTop is a bondage top from London. All the pictures he post are guys he has tied up in his playroom (who are all 18+).

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