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Hey, sorry for my silly question but I have to talk about something that I’m curious about and I think you are the one who can give me answers. So I really trust you that this is completely anonymous. 😉 So can I really ask you anything/start a chat with you or do you have no interests (no time) in (for) something like that? And: Can you speak German fluently? That would it make much more easier for me. Thanks for taking time for me and the privacy. 🙂
EmoBCSMSlave emobdsmbc Said:


Thanks for your questions! 🙂
You can ask almost everything.
Send ur questions (German or English) to bc ((at)) gaybreathcontrol dot com.


Danke fur Deine Fragen!
Du kannst mich beinahe alles fragen.
Die E-Mail-Adresse findest du oben, Deutsch und Englisch geht beides. 🙂

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