Enslavement of an Emo – Part 4 1/5 (1)

Enslavement of an Emo*1
Part 4 – Break The Emo

Picture Story Part 4 of 4

“Enslavement of an Emo”.

The story was told in four parts! This is the last part but it’s not the last picture story…

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And here is the history of this picture story:

  • Part 1: Arrival Of The New Slave (Published – if you missed, click here -)
  • Part 2: The Bathroom (Published – if you missed, click here)
  • Part 3: The Tub (Published – if you missed,click here -)
  • Part 4: Break The Emo

*5:22 PM EDT to your Local Time

(*1) The medication scene is just for your entertainment. I never get drugs or something else. These scenes and story are fiction and are re-enac

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