Questions and Answers – Anonymous Asks: Poppers duration of action

Anonym Asks:

Hi Rick! How long is the duration of action of poppers with you? And You are still the ruler of yourself and your body? I wondering if you have to protect the environment from you, such as that you do not too early to drive a car, e.g.. LG Lutz

EmoBCSMSlave  EmoBCSMSlave Said:

Hi Lutz!

The effect lasts only a few minutes up to 10 minutes for some maybe 15 minutes. But this is the exception.

The rule speaks of 5 to 10 minutes.

Also, by sex,  what you have thereby and that you become naturally sexually aroused also, I personally would wait half an hour to one hour until you go by car or using machinery.

What is also not recommended, is mixed use. So Viagra or any other drugs and poppers are a NO-NO! You also not drink alcohol and use poppers.

Of course, these are not have binding values and information, at best these are own experience.

For more information I recommend search engines, corresponding platforms and at the best you consult medical advice if necessary. – The fact that I mention this is simply a protection for me. 😉



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