Will be back soon – GayBreathControl.com in Trouble

Hi GayBreathControl Swarm and Visitor!

We'll be back soon...
We’ll be back soon…

As you may have noticed, GayBreathControl has been taking a little break.

I know you have been looking for hot and horny pictures, videos and stories about me @EmoBCSMSlave, breath control and bondage.

For currently unknown reason Tumblr has terminated my account.
I have already written an email to Tumblr, why my account was terminated and asked to reactivate the account.

Don’t worry though, the good news is that we’ll be back soon (maybe this weekend) with a brand new pictures, videos and stories and many more stuff.

 Future of GayBreathControl.com

Account terminated
Account terminated

Regardless if Tumblr re enable the account, we will still continue with GayBreathControl.com!
Either we continue through Blogger or with our own server and WordPress.

However, this takes some time, especially if we go on with a dedicated server and WordPress.
We will then continue in the coming days.

Please open from time to time GayBreathControl.com, or follow me on Twitter @EmoBCSMSlave. I will inform you there (and here) about the relaunch of GayBreathControl.com!

I apologize for any inconvenience and hope you remain a loyal fan of GayBreathcontrol.com.



EmoBCSMSlave waiting
EmoBCSMSlave waiting

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