Too much Poppers – A reader’s report!

I received an e-mail today from someone who wants to remain anonymous.
He asked me to publish his story about his poppers consumption to warn against excessive use.

Please don’t recognize this post as medically relevant post. The blog articles rises NOT eligible for medical advice or accuracy. It represents the experience of a consumer.

For more information and advice please consult your doctor or a specialist.
Whether the following is so done, is not in my judgment, it would nevertheless like to see as a warning.

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Too much Poppers – A reader’s report!

Hello my name is … mention me Anon.

I know that you and your readers to consume just as I poppers.
I want to tell you the story of my recent, almost life-threatening poppers consumption.

Today I wanted, how I do it so often wank with poppers again.
I took one of my gas masks, got me some cotton wool and laid me in my bed.

First, I still smelled the bottle of poppers through the nose.
It was a new kind of poppers been for me, the effect are not somehow to surrender so. So I pulled the gas mask over my face. I held the bottle first even at the air intakes. Since at this point the effect I hoped for didn’t ’t adjust the way I wanted it, I took the piece of cotton and wetted three times the cotton with poppers.

Then I pressed the cotton on the intake and took several deep breathes. I could only breath poppers. No oxygen! I repeated it five, maybe even several more times one behind the other.

Then I had my jerk off. I felt like my heart was racing a sudden I got a tingling stroke through both shoulders and arms. It was as if a electric shock hits me.

I felt dizzy! I jumped out of the bed. It scared me so much.

I felt my pulse which raced even faster. Then hit me a second stroke through my shoulders. I felt sick. I thought I had to puke. I could barely see, all was blurred around me. I crawled to the front door. Wanted to call for help, then hit me a third stroke by the shoulders.

I have been even worse and I panicked. I tried to count my heartbeat, but I failed.

Then my heart seemed to calm down, I was able to count 130 to 140 beats and I stood up, looked into the mirror, my lips were very pale and almost white. At that moment I permeated a fourth time a hit through the shoulders and arms. I lay down on the floor.

I was afraid to die naked and huddled on the bottom. I do not want to die. What a miserable impression I had made.

Only half an hour to three-quarters hour later, my heart calmed down. But I still had heart beats about 90 to 100 beats per minute.

What I want express to you? If you are a poppers consumed, do not overdo it. Even with poppers you can suffer an overdose and carry serious consequential damage.

I want nothing more to add.

What do you think? You made similar experiences?
Writes something to the report in the comments.

Picture: Example Image for bottle of poppers via Want a sniff? – Bound In London Town.

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