EmoBCSMSlave Like A Doggy? Breath Control with Tape

I was not quite sure how I should name these picture series.
Anyway some pictures reminded me of a typical doggy style. So I give the set this name.

My Master tied me and controlled my breath with duct tape.
As you can see, especially in the last picture, I couldn’t breathe, so that even my veins on the forehead are clearly visible.

I hope you like these pictures and I would – as always – welcome comments.

But before I start w/ the photo set an announcement.

Next Live Cam Session

Who wants to see me live in front of the webcam again, should open my Cam4.com profile (cam4.com/emofanboy) on this Wed, Sep. 17th, 2014.
The regular transmission starts at about 2:00 PM EST (18:00 GMT – 20:00 CEST).

But already from 8:00 AM EST (12 GMT – 14 CEST) short transmissions from the preparation will go live.

So let’s look forward to many hours of fun!
I look forward to your wishes, commands and orders.
During the day I’ll post more information on my blog, Tumblr and Twitter!

But now the latest pictures…

EmoBCSMSlave Like A Doggy? Breath Control with Tape

EmoBCSMSlave Soccer Shoes and Breath Controlled w/ a Duct Tape

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