EmoBCSMSlave: CB6000 Chastity Day 16


Emo into Chastity Day 16

This is my 16th day into CB6000.

Last night as I going to bed my keyholder and Master blindfold me, handcuffed me behind and put in-ear headphones into my ears.

So I was sealed from the outer world. 

After 10 mins or so my Master starts to teasing my locked dick with sounding sticks. My cock wanted to be hard, wanted to cum, but couldn’t. My cock was full of pre-cum!
He drives me crazy! That was so nasty… – But that was not enough for him.

A few minutes later I smelled something chemical.
My master put a hand over my nose and mouth, so I couldn’t breathe. A few seconds later he take his hand away and shut my right nostril, so I take deep breaths with my left nostril and smell that I inhaled poppers.
The poppers had a quick effect.

My master put my legs on his shoulders and his hart, horny cut cock into my ass, he began to fuck me.

Again and again he let me smell the popper bottle.

If my master noticed that I might cum, he stopped to fuck me. He let his cock in my ass. After a moment he fucked me again.
He did this again and again…
On this night he screwed my brain out.

He doesn’t allow me to cum. 🙁 But he cum… He cum over my chest and my face.

Now I’m even more horny, even more willing and frustrated that I have not cum for 16 days. 😉

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