EmoBCSMSlave: CB6000 Chastity Day 25 5/5 (3)


Emo into Chastity CB6000 Day 25

Safer Cleaning

Let’s talk about hygiene.How do you keep your chastity and cock clean?

My Master allows me to open my CB6000 chastity every morning under his supervision. So I can clean my penis, glans and foreskin. I also clean my CB6000 with shower gel every morning. Several times a week I disinfect the chastity additionally.

For me hygiene is very important.
No matter how you go to the toilet and urinate, there is always a drop of pee in your CB6000/ chastity. You will sometimes horny, then flows precum.
All this and more accumulates in a chastity and – if you have – under the foreskin.

If you do not cleans it enough, or not, then this place is a breeding ground for bacteria. It helps to create nasty diseases. – And there will also an unpleasant smell. *YUCK*

I want to know, how you think about hygiene and your own chastity or the chastity of your slave! For your answer use the β€œask me any..” form.

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