Internals – Decision on membership!

Time and again I was asked if I could offer my pictures with no watermark and lines for payment of a membership fee.

Recently, I started a poll and asked you, if you would pay for that.
About 50% of the participants would make  a small monetary figure for watching pictures without the present watermark and lines.

EmoBCSMSlave: Soccer and Breath Control w/ Duct Tape

Now I have looked at several ways the last few weeks how I can offer you my pictures for these conditions.

I wish I could offer you my own pictures directly to you on my blog and on my server. But I have found that for such an experiment, the cost of appropriate software and payment systems would be disproportionate at the moment to the actual potential revenue.


With the cheapest option I would come to start-up costs of US$ 600 to 700, with just one credit card company that would be possible then (either Visa or MasterCard).
Since it is necessary to offer both their would come once again US$ 500 added as a security deposit.

Another vendors asked either a minimum weekly revenue of US$ 100, or US$ 1000 per month to use his service for free, or an annual fee of US$ 500.

A commercially available and necessary blog software costs between US$ 100 and 200, or US$ 19/month by an annual contract.

This is the sum to start! – Too much, I think.
Even when I would take a monthly membership price of US $ 25.00, I would have to advertise at least five new members per week. – Impossible!

As I have mentioned in previous essay, I do not want get rich with my material. I would like to – if necessary – recoup the costs of my server, domain, equipment and so on.

But by the cost of start-up costs that is currently impossible.

Nevertheless, I would like to find a solution to offer you my material without the big watermark and the lines.

I think I’ve found the solution.

Decision on membership!

As already my videos I could offer my pictures at Xtube.
The pictures there would have instead the lines and the graphical watermark only a “unobtrusive” watermark on bottom right of the picture (example stock image).

Stock Image

Because I can not not offer a fixed price memberships at Xtube, I would offer you each series of pictures for each US$ 1.99.

I think this is a fair model. If you really like a series of pictures, you do not need to purchase a monthly membership at my blog, but rather you can purchase individual sets of pictures at my Xtube channel.
With a right click you could download the pictures at Xtube even to your home computer and watch them over and over again.

I’d like to hear your opinion.
Please write your opinion in the comments, or send me a message using the contact form under the post.

Many Thanks,



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