EmoBCSMSlave Wearing Basketball Outfit Tied Up and Breath Control w/ a Swim Cap


It is not only time for Chastity Challenge, no, breath control should not be forgotten.

A follower on Xtube wrote me that he is really into basketball clothes. He asked me if he could see me once BB clothing.
I promised him to buy some clothes. – And here are the first Breath Control images in BB outfit.

My master tied me with ropes on the legs and handcuffed behind my back.
My master controlled my breath with a swimming cap – until I was unconscious.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and you are looking forward to more pictures!

You wanna view the pictures without lines and smaller watermark? Then have a look to my my Xtube channel EmoBCSMSlave. You will find these and many other picture sets and videos, as you wish.
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