First EmoChastity Challenge 2015 – The Last Day – The Count

First EmoChastity Challenge 2015

Time for a look back and count.

Eleven days ago, on January 29, 2015 I participated the chastity challenge of @sneakerbcslave and @dakota-pup with some (little) own rules (read them here).

Now it’s time for a look back and count how long I’ve to be in chastity.

  • All started with a picture of me in my basketball outfit on day 1.
    The post has been liked or reblogged 382 times from January 29, 2015 to today February 08, 2015. This is a record for my little tiny blog. Thank you so much for that!
  • On day 2 you saw me in skinny jeans and buffalo shoes. 43 times you have been liked or reblogged it.
  • On day 3 it was time for a afternoon nap. 93 likes and reblogs
  • You watched me showering and cleaning myself on day 4. You liked and reblogged this post 115 times.
  • Day 5 was the television day with 102 notes.
  • Day 6 was a day without a post.. but I counted the notes between day 2 and 4, which had not been counted in themselves for day six and multiplied with 3.
  • Naked bed time on day 7… 77 total notes.
  • Than it was time for education and study on day 8. You liked und reblogged it for 67 times.
  • Time for workout at day 9. – Only 46 likes and reblogs.
  • Day 10
    was the last day of the challenge. It was time to showing you the
    different between an emo puppy w/o chastity and in chastity and it was
    time for the reward with breath control and a cumshot – the first and
    last cumshot for the next weeks… 65 reblogs and likes.

And now its time for count how long I’ve to be in chastity.

first nobody has noticed it. I made a litte mistake in specifying the
decimal minutes number. I counted 5 minutes by 0.008 hours. This is
wrong. 5 minutes are 0.08 hours.
In the final accounts the mistake has been corrected.

Summary of the 10th day (Feb. 8, 2015, 3 PM ET):

Basic post at Feb. 8, 2015 3 PM ET (Day 1)

  • Reblogs: 147 x 6h = 882h
  • Likes of basis post: 235 x 1h = 235h

Daily Reports:

Daily shower time:

  • 10 x 0.08h (5 mins) = 0.8h


Handsfree and locked up

  • w/ electro, poppers or something else: 1 x 12h = 12h

now the surprise for you, I will count the difference of every like and
reblog from day 2 to day 9 that wasn’t count until now.

  • That’s are 110 notes that’ll be counted as 1 hour per note. So 110 extra hours counted.

Total: 1893.8 (78.91 days = 79 additional days from Feb. 9, 2015).
Unlock Date: 29.04.2015!

Thank you to everyone who taken part of this challenge.
Thank you for every reblog and every like, every message you wrote.
Special thanks to sneakerbcslave and dakota-pup, who gave me the encouragement to join this challenge, and to my Master sneaksbdsm who’s my BF and great love. <3

the progress of the next 79 days I will inform you regularly on the
blog. Also, you can continue to follow me at Snapchat (emobcsmslave) and
write to me, because even there I’ll keep you up to date.

Unfortunately, I do not know now who won the challenge. It would be nice if sneakerbcslave or dakota-pup would inform me about.
Then I will tell you! 🙂

I would be happy if other puppies take up the challenge and participate.

I look forward to any message from you.




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