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You should visit his site. It’s one of my favs bondage and fetish websites.

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There’s a hot story behind these 3 pics. Meet Phil. We only had 1 session but it was loads of fun. Phil was a horny fucker and one of his kinks was worn gear so for the last tie of the day I kitted him out in some of the lads stuff before gagging him, blindfolding him and tying him to a chair.

He got an instant boner and was so desperately horny that he practically pulled his arm out of its socket just so he could touch his own dick and have a bit of a play (top pic).

I gave him about 10 seconds to enjoy it before tying it back in place much tighter so there was no chance of that happening again (second pic).

Then, before sending him home to sort out his hard on I pulled another pair of the lads worn black socks on his feet, a pair of their boxers on him before untying him (but leaving him gagged and blindfolded) and letting him put on his jeans and shoes. Only when his shoes were on did I ungag him and remove the blindfold so he didn’t even get a glimpse of the worn gear he was in until he crossed his legs on the train home or took a piss. I think he was a walking boner right up until he got home (third pic).

Fun times. Full gallery will be in tomorrow’s members only update. Enjoy.


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