Weekend #14 starts with the second part of “Gasmasked Breath Play with an Emo in his Destroyed Jeans” and will continues with rope bondage (a users wish) in soccer gear,
rubber mask plus electro and rope bondage breath control session and at
least one video.

Gasmasked Breath Play with an Emo in his Destroyed Jeans – Part 2

For an emo concert I bought new destroyed, black skinny jeans… My Master saw me in that and thought it would be a great idea to tie me up
immediately. As you’ve seen in part 1
he drawn a Gasmask over my head. In this part he screwed the tubing to
the gas mask.First of all he let me sniff one of the Nike Shox, then
closed the tube with the “alumium duct tape”. So I fought for air, it took off my socks and shoes, so I was barefoot in the end.


You’ll find more pictures of this set here, more Gay Bondage and Breath Control at GayBreathControl.com. You’ll find an emo boy and more guys in chastity at EmoChastity.com***NEW DOMAIN***.

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