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How to mummfie yourself



Selfbondage Mummification

I want to try this so badly!! I bought a bunch of duct tape and some saran wrap to prep myself with (because let’s be real, I don’t want to have clothes on), but there’s never enough time to be able to do this, enjoy it, and then get back out before someone who doesn’t want to know about this side of me comes over. I mean, my dick will be locked up and my ass plugged the whole time, so it’s not like I could get in to any trouble, but it wouldn’t be seen that way 😉

Now, if you want to volunteer to do this to me, then maybe I won’t have to do it myself…


Tie you never when you are alone and you have no way to free yourself in a reasonable time, and / or no one knows that you’re tied up in your apartment.
Remember always having an possibility to freeing yourself without help of others at any time.
Never combine self bondage with breath control, if no one is with you in the room! Always applies to breath control: Never play alone!

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