Questions and Answers – Your Rant 2 –

Your rant 2


I hope your “rant” does not lead to you ending your Tumblr account. I can’t afford to access your Xtube videos. But I very much like your posts here. You can guess from my Tumblr account that I am into Converse and I also love bondage, breath control, rubber, sneakers.. and piss play. Hope you will keep your Tumblr account going as it is. Cheers for what you have been doing. I for one appreciate what you do.


Thank you for your message. 🙂 I will answer your message.

Questions and Answers – Your Rant 2 –

My ranting was meant seriously, but there is no danger. I will not immediately close the blog and my Tumblr account.

I will watching what is happening a few more weeks and then decide.

I would hate to delete the blog. There is much too much of blood, sweat and tears in the blog and the work. I was just sad and disappointed yesterday.

I will not delete the account and blog at the moment.



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