Red/Blue Emo Tie and Breath Control on Couch – Part 2 – 5/5 (1)

The day before yesterday I asked what happened next. Yesterday, I explained my question further and asked for answers. It’s really hard to get in touch with you. (PLEASE READ MY POST BELOW)…
EmoBCSMSlave Breath Control Hogtied in Blue/ Red Chucks

Red/Blue Emo Tie and Breath Control on Couch – Part 2 –


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A Rant

It’s easier to be in touch with my fans on Xtube than with you. – And there I ask far less!

I don’t know if it still makes sense to ask you something, or to publish posts. It’s summer… Maybe we (my Master and I) should make our leisure time differently and I should only devote this blog to reblog of impersonal Tumblr posts.

You want to jerk off, I understand that. But then I can also reblog posts from others.
You don’t need me and myself! You don’t need my pictures and videos.

I want to be honest. I love breath control. I can and will do it every day.
I like to present myself. I like doing it for you.

But I can have breathplay without you. It makes it easier to put away the cameras and just play with out you.
I can present myself on Youtube, Flickr and/ or Instagram, without producing sex pictures and videos.
I can still publish adult videos on Xtube.

I’m probably just disappointed about the small amount of feedback I receive recently.
Nevertheless, I have to think about how to proceed.

Maybe you’re just pissed off and bored by our works.
Even feedback would not hurt.

So I have to assume that you think, it makes no sense. But in case I should close the blog!

I’m open to criticism, you see the fact that I have reduced watermark and place the pictures free of charge that otherwise were to purchase.
However, at this point there is no resonance. Even there I consider to return to the old concept. 🙁

At this point, would like to clarify that I would not close the blog, nor do I want one and only reblog posts, I also don’t want to reuse the large watermarks. I just want to feel that our work is also appreciated and not bore you.

But if everything stays as it is, I do not know how it is in a few weeks or months.

Sorry for ranting … It had to get out!

Now to today’s pictures.

Red/Blue Emo Tie and Breath Control on Couch – Part 2 –


As after my master bound me with ropes, he had to realize that I was able to extricate myself too easy and he wanted to record a video, my master bound me with handcuffs and leg irons.

With a bag there was breath control.

The video will be released this Monday, another on Tuesday.

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