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Brian ask a really good question. I will answer his question and will give you a little how to trust…

I didn’t hear from you in reply to my previous email. I love all the bondage and breath control videos you do and I like doing them myself. But I often panic badly when tied up or handcuffed. Can you tell me how you don’t panic during your sessions. I’ve used “poppers” but it doesn’t help. Is there any other substances I can use to keep me calm? Many thanks for helping me out. Brian.

EmoBCSMSlave Breath Controlled w/ a bag

How to trust

Hi Brian!

I was so sure I’ve answered you. I’m so sorry, that you didn’t get your answer. 🙁

I think to avoid panic with poppers is a misinterpretation.
Poppers allows some people to enjoy breath control longer but it can’t stop your panic. Poppers doesn’t change your nature and doesn’t make you submissively obey your Master.

Let me say at first,


I think we talk about a breath control session between you and a Master.
So my tips are for a Master and Slave session.

My Steps

My steps in order to enjoy breath control the first time (with a (new) Master)

  • What you really need to enjoy breath control is trust. You’ve to trust your Master.
  • Talk with your Master about breath control, about the session…
  • Ask him

    • what he wanna do with you,
    • how long he wanna control your breath,
    • how he will recognize, that everything is okay with you,
    • ask him everything you need to know about breath control, his experience…
    • Make a long story short, ask him everything you need to know about you think you have to know.
  • Talk about

    • …your limits and that the Master has to respect your limits.
    • Talk about a stop sign…
    • You should be made clear that he has to stop immediately if you are giving a stop sign.
    • Your Master has to confirm believable that he stops once he realizes that you are not feeling well.


  • Don’t start from naught to sixty.

    • A good idea for a first breath control experience is to start your first breath control session without bondage.
      Don’t start with extreme breath control like noose play, strangulation, hand over nose and mouth and so on.
      Start with bagging, rebreather, swim cap… I think bagging or rebreather is the best. So you’ve a lot of air for the first time.

      • For example have the session with your Master and let him pull a bag over your head.
      • You can make a competition.
        • The first contest is that you have endure under the bag, as long as you can. You stop and you pull off the bag when ever you want.
        • The second… your Master defines the time and pull off the bag – but you can stop when ever you want and pull off…
    • Why?
      • You and your Master will find out your limits in this manner and maybe you can trust your Master.
      • If you think you need more trust, start with slightly bondage, so you can free yourself if you think you need to be free. Enlarge this more and more so are complete bound in the end and you can’t remove the bag or something else.


  • And again the last step is TRUST, TRUST, TRUST!

I hope you can enjoy breath control soon and I‘ve helped you.




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