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Long time no see. I’m so sorry. We were so busy the last months, but now we’re back and I hope we can present you every weekend new updates.
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Soccer Emo Naked Breath Controlled

The first change was, that the tumblr copy of is now longer available at Now you’ll find it at (This change only affects my Tumblr blog, not this blog!)

The second change concerned my daily chastity diary on tumblr.
I’ve changed the topic of the Tumblr blog. I will cover about my chastity and I will present you my favs of bondage, breath control, cbt and so on.
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But now let’s start with today’s picture update…

Naked Soccer Emo Breath Control


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This session started that I’m wearing my soccer jersey and a gas mask and my Master has hogtied me on the floor.
First of all he let me sniffing poppers strongly.
Next he slowly strip me down and let me sniff my soccer sox and shoes until I was naked…
Soon after I was naked, my Master close the gas mask tube with a bag and he controlled my breath. In the bag was a tissue which was soaked with poppers.
Have look to my chest how red it was. I was so intoxicated from the poppers. πŸ˜€
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Naked Soccer Emo Breath Control

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