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So I’m led to believe that this was going to be a bondage only blog. But I have to say I’ve yet to see any pictures that are just you tied up. Would really like to see some shots of you naked, bound, and gagged. Any chance of that in the future?

Hey Anon,

Thank you so much for you question. I’ll answer it… 🙂

In the past I had some really annoying conversations and discussions with guys who were shown in pictures and videos, which I reblogged.  
As Tumblr has deleted my blog, I decided to start an own hosted wordpress blog which only shows me (www.gaybreathcontrol.com).
After a while I came back to Tumblr with a copy respectively an excerpt of www.gaybreathcontrol.com. – This is EmoBondage.com.

After all I startet a second Tumblr blog with an excerpt of bondage, breath control, BDSM, chastity things, toys and techniques I like. You can reach my second BDSM blog if you open EmoBDSM.com.
EmoBDSM.com shows you more an different bondage and chastity gays.

And this brings us to the end and your question, if I will show you some shots you see me naked, bound and gagged.
Yes you will and you can, because some are already implemented.

If you’ve some special wishes, I’ll appreciate your submission.


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