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Intermediate Result

for Need your HELP – Post #5000 is coming soon!

Your messages and wishes.

toby1515 said:

Hi, a naked Bondage set would be great

dogonaleash said:

naked pls <3

corney512 said:

In German/Deutsch:
Naja, also
ich fände eine Bilderserie nackt, mit KG und in Bondage ganz hübsch, so
wo man ein wenig sehen kann, dass Du nach Erleichterung lechzt.

In English:
would prefer a picture set in which you are naked, wear a chastity
device (if you would be bound that would be nice) and we can see that
you gasp for a cumshot.

Anonymous said to emobcsmslave:

be nice to see a new naked set of photos. And for reaching 5000, you
should commit to 365 days in chastity with daily updates,  OR shave your
head bald. After all you do owe your followers something big for
reaching that mark.

Anonymous said to @emobondage:

posts, quite the achievement cutie.  I’d like to see a naked bondage
photo set myself.  Still looking forward to the home invasion picture
set.  🙂  It’ll be interesting to see what your followers decide needs
to be done with you for the big 5000.  Take care.

Anonymous to @emobondage:

For post 5000 make it a video.. you can guess from my blog that including converse would make even more interesting for me.

Intermediate Result

Let me start with “the last” message, because I’ve a question.
Anon you’re talking about your blog but I don’t know which do you mean. 🙁

Back to your wishes…

Naked Bondage: 5
Chastity: 2
Gasp for a cumshot: 1
New chastity challenge 365 days: 1
Shave the head bald: 1 (sorry, this is a tabu, but I recognize your wish. :))
home invasion picture
1 (this is planned and coming soon, I hope this weekend, if I’m not to much busy with university stuff)
Making a video with converse chucks: I

Please sent me more of your wishes the 5000th post… 🙂

And please don’t forget the deadline is Monday, May 16th, 2016 11.59 pm EST

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