Q&A after the summer break – Your questions – my answers 5/5 (1)

After summer break I received  a few questions from you. I’ll answer most of them today.

First things first, thank you to all of you for following, your likes, reblogs, messages and questions.

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So let’s start.

Anon ask:

Do you ever tie your hair back?

No, not when I’m going out. But sometimes, if I stay at home, I tie my hair back.

Anon ask:

Ciao come faccio a salvare i video che mi piaciono
(How can save your videos?)

If you are a google chrome user or a firefox user, have look for downloadhelper.

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tom141a ask:

Hey, I love your work and I’ve been following you for a long time, I have a request, could I see you shirtless and on your knees with your hands tied behind you back. Thank you so very much.

Your wish is marked down and will be fulfilled very soon. 🙂

Anonymous ask:

What happened to you posting pics of yourself?

I was in summer break. I’m back now with pictures of myself. 🙂

Anon want to know:

Have you ever tried Viagra while in chastity? The idea of it forcing an erection while you’re locked sounds…. unpleasant.

No, I did not. I’m not into drugs and chems. – Except poppers. ^^

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Anonymous said:

Welcome back emoboy, you’ve been gone for some time now. While I do hope you’ve had you’re fun, I hope you haven’t forgotten my request of a home invasion set. I was really looking forward to that one. I’ll be in touch if you need the details again.

I know who you’re and I haven’t forgotten your request. It’s at the top of the list of things we are going to produce next. :*

Anonymous ask:

What’s your favourite tank?

Not sure… Your are talking about “tank tops”.
I don’t have any favorites. Usually I don’t wear tank tops.

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Anon said:

Könntest du bitte mal wieder deine Shox Watershield tragen das wäre wirklich toll 🙂
(Could you wear your Shox Watershield next time please? I would appreciate it.)

I could and and will, I promise! 🙂

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