Q&A Tons of question – Who I’m? 5/5 (3)

After I answered questions gathered yesterday, one Anon has a lot of question to me.

So Anon said:

Have some questions: How did you come to realize you were into BDSM? What’s your nationality? Are you into butt plugs, and if so, what’s the longest you’ve worn it? What’s your biggest fantasy at the moment? Money no object, what fetish gear do you want most right now? Do you have any tattoos or plans to get any? Tell us a secret you haven’t told your followers yet. Let’s get to know you a little better 😉

EmoBCSMSlave Tied at Metal Rod and Breath Controlled w/ a BagThank you Anon for your message and your questions.
It is an honor for me to answer your questions.

How I realized that I’m into BDSM?

Um, how do I realized that I’m into BDSM?
I’m not sure. I cannot give an exact date.
I think it was at the age of 15 or 16 I realized I’m interested into BDSM.
I found pictures and videos of BDSM scenes on the computer desktop of a friend.
This pictures and videos triggered something… At the pictures I saw a guy who was tied up to a table or an office chair – I’m not sure -, his face was covered with duct tape and a Master played with this guy.
Same things and little bit more happened into the video.
At this point I realized that I wanna be that guy. I wanna obey a Master.
I searched the internet for more about BDSM, more pictures and videos and at some point I had my first session.

Butt plugs – I’m into it? Who long I worn it?

Sometimes I like butt plugs.
The longest time a butt plug was plugged into me was for a session – maybe 2 or 3 hours.

EmoBCSMSlave by GayBreathControl.com and EmoBondage.com

Biggest fantasy

Um, a good question. I’ve a lot of fantasy what I wanna do next or what could happened next.
For example

  • kidnapping scenes,
  • chloroformed, or knocked off with ether or some like that,
  • noose play,
  • or strangulation,
  • complete immobilisation with plaster cast from head to toe (with holes for my nose, mouth, penis and ass),
  • vacuum bed and cube,
  • to be dressed from head to toe in rubber,
  • to be a puppy,
  • and many more…

I know that some of my fantasies will be inner cinema forever, because they are too dangerous and I don’t wanna die!

Fetish gear I want most right now

It’s hidden in the „biggest fantasy“.
Right now I want to own a vacuum bed or cube and a complete rubber kit (from head to toe).


I don’t have any tattoos. I like tattoos but at the moment I don’t plan to get a tattoo.

EmoBCSMSlave Tied at Metal Rod and Breath Controlled w/ a Bag

Secrets you don’t know

I’m not a gay, I’m pansexuell.
I’m totally blind in my right eye since I’m 16. I lost most of the vision of my right eye as a child – I hate my right eye.
I hate my body. I think I’m too fat.

I’m born in the us, my nationality is us but I’m growing up in Germany with german parents. I’m adopted. And this answered the nationality question.

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