Status update — Christmas Challenge – Time for requests and questions 5/5 (5)

Status update

Cutting a new video for xtube,, and to fulfill user wishes. ^^

Hint: Barefoot breath controlled till passing out.**

EmoBCSMSlave by and

The xMas challenge – The Rules

You have questions, requests, orders or tasks for me, simply send them by ask me anything.
I’m trying to implement your orders, tasks and wishes in one of our next session pictures and videos.

I’ll post messages like this every day. Everyday the post gets more than 100
notes (likes, reblogs etc.) and at least one question or request we’ll
publish new session pictures or videos.

EmoBCSMSlave by and

In the best case you’ll see everyday a new session post of me on my Tumblr accounts (@emobondage and @EmoBCSMSlave and my blog Each post will have at least 5 pictures or one video of 3mins. 🙂

EmoBCSMSlave by and

This campaign / challenge runs until Christmas 2016 or ends if a post get
less than 20 notes and less than one question or request per day.

**Pictures are samples and not parts of the video.

We have a deal?

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