Thanksgiving – Be thankful 5/5 (6)

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A few years ago (2008), I asked my audience for what should I be thankful?In 2008 I lost three people who were very important and significant people for me, inter alia my aunt and my brother, who  was the whole world for me.

In 2011 I asked same question.
I lost my Mom. She’s still alive, but she’s living in her own world and now one could get into it.

Thanksgiving 2012 again, for what should I be thankful?
My first boyfriend gone for ever.

In 2013, only three years ago, I asked the question again, because I lost my Daddy and for a short time I lost the control of my live.

2013 was also the year my live changed for ever, because I also became acquainted with my boyfriend and master.
I never felt myself so secure, so free and happy before as I do it with him.

He changed my whole live.

I know…

For me it’s very difficult to show some of my heartstrings, my positiv emotions.
I can cry, if I feel bad.
I can be uptight and bitchy, if I feel uncomfortable.
But it is so hard for me to show my love and grateful.

It’s not because I’m thankless or I’m a emotionless person or a person who can’t love. No, I’ve nerver learned to show all of my emotions, especially to say them in someone’s face.
Most times, if I showed positive emotions, I got a punch in my gut.

Yes, I’m… I’m a droll fellow and anxious person.
I hope I can get life back together again with your assistance.

I’m thankful

I wanna let you know, that I love you. Maybe I can’t show you my love as I should, but I really love you and I appreciate, what you’re doing for me. I love you!

Yes, I’m thankful that you are there. I’m thankful, that you are a part of my live.
I never wanna lose you. – I hope I never lose you.

You’re the most important person in my live.
Thank you for being there!

Thank you to my fans and follower

Also will say thank you to my fans and followers.
You bring liven things up to the blog. Without you the blog and my videos would be nothing.


Be thankful for what you have and be thankful for smallest mercies. You never know when of if you lose them one day!

Most of you won’t understand the follwing lyrics and I don’t know if it’s the right song for the situation, but it’s one of my favorite songs, which has often accompanied me.

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