EmoBCMSlave is still locked – Day 298 and 299 – Festival Weekend 5/5 (65)

Dear Sirs,
Hey Slaves,

it’s monday an I’ll present you my chastity days 298 and 299 (saturday and sunday)

EmoBCSMSlave Locked in Chastity Day 299

EmoBCMSlave is still locked – Day 298 and 299 – Festival Weekend

The promised free video “EMOBCSMSLAVE’S BREATHLESS SWEAT SUIT CUMSHOT” of a breath play and bondage session with a cumshot”, is ready now on XTUBE channel and waiting for publishing.
Let’s start a new challange for you.

If this post gets more than 100 notes (likes, re-blogs, comments etc.) on Tumblr, I’ll publish the video for all.

But YOU can watch the video before all others. If you write me a message, with an idea or wishes for one of our next sessions, or wishes what I should wear, or some like that, I’ll send you a code and link to the video, so you can watch it now.

Before we go on with more pictures of the days 299 and 299, I’ll remind how you can request photos or videos for new  sessions.
You have questions, requests, orders or tasks for me, simply send them by ask me anything.
We’re trying to implement your orders, tasks and wishes in one of our next session pictures and videos.
Each post will have at least 5 pictures or one video of 3mins.

EmoBCMSlave is still locked – Day 298 and 299 – Festival Weekend

Sorry, that the pictures weren’t published on saturday and sunday.
This weekend was one of our “festival weekends”. It has started with a medieval festival and ended on Sunday with a festival or revival of old and new classic cars, as well as racing cars. So you see the pictures of my chastity today.

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SnpaChat EmoBCSMSlave I hope you like the pictures and I am looking forward to feedback, likes and share! 🙂


If you like the photos and you want to see all pictures in full resolution for free, and only with the “small” copyright notice in the future, I would be glad about a small donation via Amazon. You’ll find a button on the right side in the navigation. Everyone who makes a bigger donation (more then $10) will get at least a complete otherwise to buying video of my own Xtube videos and the higher your donation, the more videos you get for free. This is a test mode. If the test went well, in the future all pictures will be published like these (and even the old pictures) and perhaps all videos will be published for free.

You wanna view more pictures without lines, full colored and these smaller watermark? Then have a look to my my Xtube channel EmoBCSMSlave. You will find many other picture sets and videos, as you wish.

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