Q&A: Entire head taped up, limits, outside and more – and a question to you 5/5 (55)

It’s Q&A time.
Don’t forget  you can ask me anything.

Let’s start…

Q&A EmoBCSMSlave Breath Controlled with Tape

anonymous asked:

Would you be willing to have your entire head taped up, i mean entirely, and do a breath control session, perhaps even to black out?

Q&A: Entire head taped up, limits, outside and more – and a question to you

Hey Sir!

Thank you for your message.

Oh yes… but atm I’ve no clue where to upload a video with content like that. 😉

EmoBCSMSlave's Heavy Duty Sweat Suit Breath Play

instantlycoolblizzard asked:

Hello. Big fan of your content always excited to see what is next. Was wondering if possible you could. Do a breath control scene in the sauna suit, black soccer shoes. Where you get e-stim to cum in a condom as your breath controlled in your breath hood would also love a post of you doing it. Was wondering if there would be any possibility to buy the cum filled condom from you ?… Would love to see you reply back 🙂 best wishes and hope to see more awesome content from you

Hello Sir!

Also thank you for your question and your compliment. 🙂

Possible! Maybe you could watch a video or view pictures of a session like that soon.
Your 2nd question, contact me.

Soccer EmoBCSMSlave and his new toy - The Breathplay Hood

anonymous requested:

Hi, can I make a request. Pic and/or video. You in white soccer socks and shorts, gagged and blindfolded, breathplay too of course. Mmmphing to camera 😉

Hi! 🙂

Yes, you can.
We’ve noticed for a new session. 🙂

master-viper asked:

Anything you’re not willing to do? I have a few ideas but I don’t want to hit any limits you may have.

Dear Sir Master-Viper

My limits are all bloody things, all permanents (incl. health and body damage, tattoos), cut my hair, scat, vomit, brutal violence, to beat into my abdomen and the face, drowning, all unlawful.
Everything else should be discussed before. Maybe I forgot something.

tom141a wanted to know:

I think you need to be tied up on the floor and breath controlled with a bag over your head. I’d love to see you in just your yellow shorts…Would you also consider doing a session outside?

Hello Tom141a

First request is possible. I’ve noticed it now. 🙂
Your second request sounds nice but we’re living in a city. It’s not so easy to do and it’s winter time now. ^^ But I like your idea. 😀

EmoBCSMSlave's new toy - BreathPlay Hood

And now I’ve a question to you.

I’m wondering what would you do with me, if you owned me for 24 hours, a weekend or a week?

Imagine, you could do everything, within laws and does not harm me – so I keep no permanent health damage. 😉

Please answer my question in the comments below, or here. 🙂

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