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I hope all of you’re are okay and healthy. This is a hard time for all of us. I think it’s the right time to comeback with stuff that will get your mind off these horrible days – at least a bit.

Let me start with with a question I got on Tumblr from @thatsmyfilthymind.

thatsmyfilthymind asked:

Do you have any tips on becoming like you? You are a real inspiration for and I really want to try rubber and chastity but I don’t know where to start

Hi thatsmyfilthymind! 🙂

Thanks for your question and the compliments. Thats awesome! Thank you. 🙃
Um, it’s not so easy to say start with this or that.

Let me beginn with the chastity.
Good CBs are not so expensive but they’re not cheap too.

I thing I would start with a middle priced CB between 20 and 50 bucks (same in Euros I think) maybe from Amazon or Aliexpress. I had have look to your page and saw you’re from Europe.

My Chastity recommendation and how to start

I also had’ve a quick look to Amazon Germany.
This cage, the OnundOn Penis Cage is a copycat of the famous holytrainer which I own. The HT is a really comfortable and in my opinion under your clothes discreet chastity device.

The OnundOn Penis Cage looks like the same and it’s much cheaper than the HT.

An alternate chastity I also highly recommend (a bit more than the HT 😉) is the “NoPacha 3D Evolution” from Meo. This one is cheaper than the original HT but more expensive than the copycat of the original Holytrainer.
It’s also a comfortable and discreet chastity device.

The copycat of NoPacha 3D Evolution on Amazon is the “Raycity Biosourced Resin Men’s Chastity Device“, I think.
It’s a bit pricier than the HT copycat but it has some advantages. I’ll talk about later.

Keyholder or how to lock yourself

If you’ve a keyholder, give the keys to him or her.

If you don’t have a keyholder, lock your self for a day and a night.
I’m sure the first morning after your first night will be the worst of your chastity experiences (maybe the first week will be too), because of the so called morning wood, the nocturnal penile tumescence. The morning wood will hurt in a chastity device at first and most guys will give up because of it.

After some days it won’t hurt so much and you will learn to deal with it.

As a pro tip, use something like vaseline and lubricated it between your testicles (balls/nuts) and the ring of the chastity device.
That makes it a bit more pleasant for your.

The main thing: stick it out! Self discipline! Improve your self and the time you’re locked and you’re without any erection and without orgasm.

Clean your dick

And don’t forget your daily hygiene of your penis. If you can’t unlock your cage, because your keyholder has the key, and your cage is completely closed like the HT is, wash your penis and glans with something like a cotton swab and soap. Don’t forget the soap. 😉

At this point the NoPacha 3D Evolution or the copycat is the alternative to the HT, because you can clean your penis better in my opinion and you can clean your complete penis.

Don’t play with your dick when you clean it. 😬

Pictures of the “NoPacha 3D Evolution” chastity device

How to start with rubber

Next rubber…

How to start? – Do you want a complete rubber suit, or only some rubber parts, like pants, or shirts?

If you know someone with rubber and you fits in his rubber suit size ask him, if could wear his rubber for a moment, some hours. Figure out if you like the feeling and smell of rubber. Maybe you can play together in rubber.

If you don’t have that friend maybe you buy a cheap rubber suit.
Don’t buy one on Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress or used one. They won’t fit to you and most of them are garbage.

Have look for a chinese online store. Some of them are favorable (low priced) with a good quality and you give them your measurements. They will customize your first rubber suit, pants or shirt for a low price.

Favorable Rubber Online Stores

For example feRubber (I bought my first suit there, the suit was awesome and communication perfect) or Latexcatfish (I didn’t purchase any there yet, but I’ve heard only positive about Latexcatfish and will buy some gear there soon.)

Please note if you order some rubber or gear outside the european union you may have to pay customs fees to your local customs authority.

Rubber EmoBCSMSlave Swim Cap Breath Play

Youtube channel recommendation

Finally I’ve a youtube recommendation for rubber fans and newbies.

Whiteout rubber” is talking about rubber, rubber purchasing and rubber repair.



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