Pictures: Lycra EmoBCSMSlave breath controlled and passed out by SwimCap – Part 2 5/5 (15)

Welcome to part 2 – the swimcap – of our last follower request.
We were asked on my Twitter account @EmoBCSMSlave for:

You need to do some passing out videos now 👌🏻😈 (…)
You should wear the black sub leggings and a tight Lycra top! Tied to a chair and made to pass out with both the re breather bag and then a swim cap 😈🥵

So we did as my follower asked. In part one (gallery of the session or video) my beloved Master tied me to a chair with handcuffs and legcuffs and he controlled my breath with a vaccum mask until I passed out. Some minutes later he used the swimcap.

 Lycra EmoBCSMSlave breath controlled and passed out by SwimCap– Part 2

For good reason one of my xTube (EmoBCSMSlave) followers raised the following objection.

It would be great to see your face during recovering. Pity your hair blocked the view. Would you consider in future videos use one more swimcap: to hold your hair? So it will be possible to see impression on your face after…

I or we heard your objection and we’ll use a second swimcap next time.
As an excuse I’ve to say, this is my “corona hairstyle”.
I have to go to a hairdresser. My hair is too long. 🙁 Our hairdressers are re-opening at the moment.
WIth shorter hair you will watch more of my face (e.g. my blind right eye too) but yes, next time we should use a second swimcap.

These are the pictures of the session. A video will be out later today (2:30pm ET).

Pictures: Lycra EmoBCSMSlave breath controlled and passed out by SwimCap– Part 2

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Pictures: Lycra EmoBCSMSlave breath controlled and passed out by SwimCap– Part 2

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