We’re no longer available in Germany

Hi guys!

Bad news for some of you.
2020 is not the best year in my history, maybe in yours too.

Maybe I could have legal issues with the content of the blog in Germany, so I had to make the decision to block German visitors from the blog from now on.

From now German IPs will be blocked to the best of my knowledge and belief and in all conscience.This means that German users should no longer have access to this project and blog.

I am sorry for my German visitors.
As an alternative I can only recommend my XtubeΒ andΒ Justfor.fans-Channels. I will try to provide as much free content as I can on both channels. (In my newsletters you could still see the content of the blog. I can’t prevent that. Only you could unsubscribe from the newsletter. I assume that you are over 18 years old.)

So bye to Germany and my German friends, I’ll miss you.
If you are not located in Germany, nothing will change first of all.

Will see you soon guys!