Broken Videos and Links after Xtube Shutdown 5/5 (2)

You may have noticed that some pages have missing videos or “dead” links to Xtube.

This is not due to the blog, but unfortunately because Xtube closed its service a while ago.
I try to reinsert the videos which are mine. Sadly, I don’t have the time to scan the whole blog for missing videos. It’s more accidental hits when I find and correct pages with missing videos and wrong links to Xtube.

Sometimes you see this on 🙁

Xtube has shutdown - Report broken links and videosXtube has shutdown - Report broken links and videos

At this point I would like to ask for your assistance. If you find such pages where links or especially videos are missing or wrong, please report this page to me. Reporting is very easy. You will find a “button” in each page called “Report Content”.

Please click this button and choose as issue: “Broken Xtube Video” and insert your or a name, this can also be a fake name or nickname. It is only a prevention against spam.
You can still leave me a message if you like, or your email address if you want a reply. But both is optional. If you report missing videos that lead to content of mine, it will not be to your disadvantage. I swear, 😉

It will not be to your disadvantage

If you successfully report videos to me that are mine (that features / shows me) and link to Xtube and they are not viewable, then I will give you a “premium video” of your choice to download for free. And you will receive a “coupon code” to pay only $1.00 for the first month of subscription. You can cancel the subscription at any time. You then have access to all my video, including those that appear in time, until the end of your subscription period.

Soccer Emo Naked Breath ControlledSoccer Emo Naked Breath Controlled

I wished I could offer you a free month for my JFF channel as well, unfortunately this is not possible anymore, because JFF has cancelled this possibility due to new regulations of the credit card companies.

To send you the coupon code and the ability to download one of my “premium videos” for free, I need your email address. So if you want both or one of these, you would have to enter your email address in the form.

Would appreciate and what’s ‘cuming’ up next weekend

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out.
Thank you so much and look forward to next weekend, then there will be published new videos of me.

Furthermore, on my channel you can expect a new self-bondage video in which I plug myself to my ESTIM device and can’t free/ uncuff myself before I’ve cum at least once or twice.

Be my Co-Creator

Maybe you would like to co-create it a little bit. The plan is I tie myself up with cuffs and shackles. I’ll plug my dick to ESTIM, I’ll uncuff myself before I’ve cum at least once or twice. And now you can have your voice heard.

Any suggestions on what I should wear or do?

Soccer gear, roadbike gear, my zentai catsuit, lycra tights and a tee, street wear, my sweatsuit (sauna suit) or nude? Should I wear socks? Barefoot? Sneakers?

How should I tie myself up? To a chair, hogtie on the bed or on the floor, or tied our wall bars? Should I have a vibrator in my ass? Should I use nipple clamps? – Do you have any other suggestions, requests or wishes for, let me know in the comments down below or via “ask me anything“.

You should also expect another Poppers workout video on JFF, and I’ll continue with my six pack workouts after an unintended short break of 14 days (JFF subscribers would know a bit more ;)).



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