Can you see the cage under the BIB?

My and yours 2021 365 days Chastity Challenge – How it has begun and how it is going to continue 5/5 (2)

EmoChastity Challenge 2021 – Day 1 to 8 I’m not sure where I found it, but I found it on ( or Tumblr. – Meant is a meme or rather a gif. The assignment: Take a screenshot from the GIF, this gives you the challenge. No matter what box …

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Naked EmoBCSMSlave's electro (ESTIM) and breathplay session

Video – Naked EmoBCSMSlave’s electro (ESTIM) and breathplay session 5/5 (2)

Last part of our last session which started in cycling kit (part 1/part 2) as preview of my “premium videos”. – An ESTIM and breath control session – that ends with a cumshot. More sessions will follow as soon as possible. Some of them will be ‘premium’ on and Xtube but I’ll …

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