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Soccer EmoBCSMSlave Licking and Sniffing Sneaks – Part 1 5/5 (5)

Soccer EmoBCSMSlave Licking and Sniffing Sneaks

Today my Master @SneaksBDSM and I would like to present you a session that we had last night. In this, we have accidentally fulfilled the wishes of some of you.
Today you can see part 1 of 2. 🙂

My Master tied me behind my back and let me lick his soccer shoes and sniff his TNs.
Tomorrow you can see how he controls my breath and what he has done with clothes pins.

– Don’t forget our christmas challenge in which you can request photos or videos of sessions, read more about this at rules here.

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After the previous series that went to the limits, my master has not only taken me the air I breathe this time, but rather he humbled me by licking his Nike Air Max. It made me so horny that my locked dick in his Chastity CB6000 not only was moist, …

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