You have the choice how my master punishes me

I’m tired of the accusations, that I was a bad boy, cause I show you pictures and videos on tumblr, which you probably already know all anyway. Yes, it’s true, not all of the videos and pictures they shown on this blog were from me. I’ve found the pictures and videos on tumblr and I’ve reblogged them, or found the objects in the whole internet, or someone of my readers sent me the stuff. You’ll find most – no, you’ll find all of the images and videos on different websites, blogs, communities or something like that. Whenever I could, I gave a link and the name to the original page, blog, or creator where I’ve found the stuff. Of course, the creator should receive a credit. I – and most of the tumblr user – giving the creator a credit with a link and by giving the name of the creator. So I give credit and re-direct traffic to your site. If you didn’t want your videos and pictures found on other blogs, communities or websites, you should better not be available them for downloading. There are pictures of me on this tumblr account, too and on other websites. And I am aware that others might use these pictures of me. For me it’s a flattery, if someone used pictures of me. – This is the internet. Let me say this in the words of rockthesox:

“I’m a photographer (that gets paid to do it) so I totally understand wanting credit for your work. However, the internet typically doesn’t give a shit about that. Those are the rules as of now, and I accept that as a condition of using the internet. You also accept that rule when you post photos with a download tab for downloading (this is “stealing”…seriously?) Don’t be so shocked to see your ass on tumblr if you’re posting pictures of your ass on the interwebs. I’m happy to give credit/re-direct traffic to your site or help spread the kinkiness any way I can….if you approach me like a grown-up and are respectful. Don’t call me a thief…just don’t. It is not in your best interests. It’s ridiculous, because the guys’ pics were well liked and would’ve generated more attention to his site that no one visits, and probably would’ve gotten him laid more. Too bad/so sad.”

Nevertheless, I have done injustice! I apologize for that. But thats not enough! I’m only an emo fagot slaves pup, so I’ve not the right to publish pictures and videos without the permission of the masters. So my master decided that I must be punished as a BDSM slave. And you shall determine the punishments. My master will punishing me according to your suggestions. Only my taboos, limits and dislikes will respected by my master. These taboos, limits and dislikes are for example scat, all illegal things, permanent damage, blood, full public, cutting my scalp hair, tattoos, fisting. The images (and maybe videos) of the punishments will be published in the near future. – Naturally in this tumblr blog and you can use them on your blog or something like that. Please send your suggestions by using the “Ask me anything” form, the comments or sending a email. – But please think about the topic of these tumblr blog. – Humbly, Your emo fagot slave

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