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A good punishment would be duct-taping you fully, like mummified, with your cock out and maybe done up with some kind of toy- a bullet vibrator on your cock or something to keep you hard. If you have a gas mask, have that on with a dirty shoe or sock taped to it. If not then just tape over your nose and mouth until you’re almost passed out, then take it off. And do that for a while.
avatar_f06b2c460b32_16 EmoBCSMSlave Said:

My master said, that’s a fucking hot idea, too.

He liked it, when I’m fully duct taped, like mummified and I’m struggling before I’m going over the edge and passed out.
Who has more ideas to punish the fagot emo slut?

I need serious punishments such as these, my master said.
I’m a fucking emo whore.

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