Why I love to be poppered – Or I Love Poppers! 5/5 (1)

At first, the person in the image is, nevertheless occurs to me a story that I want to tell you.

As of late, I love the smell and the effect of poppers.

Just recently I made my first experience with poppers.
My current master T. asked me if I would like to try poppers.

until then, I had no experience with passive anal sex. For the reason T. was of the opinion that the anal sex with poppers was easier for me.

First I smelled hesitant at the poppers bottle.

It smelled disgusting and reminded me of a solvent for paints and I took only two slight breaths in each nostril.

Nevertheless, I noticed an effect.
It quickly felt very hot in the head.
Also there was a feeling that I can’t describe. It was no vertigo nor a strong sense of consciousness. I just felt light, free and a little uninhibited.

As T. wanted to push his cock in my ass, he couldn’t enter into my asshole. It hurt me too much. I was still too much tense.

T. left me once again smell the poppers bottle. He ordered me that I should take deeper breaths. I did.
This time it wasn’t just the heat in my head. This time, my heart started to race properly. I was dizzy. But I was also more uninhibited.

We made it though still not to push his still pretty big and thick cock in my ass, but we were wanking each other’s cocks so much that it felt like I’d liftoff.

I had an orgasm, as I have never had before.

Later, we made it again tried with the anal sex under the aid of poppers. This time it worked it right away.

It was the horniest sex of my life.

I was so happy that I was able to feel my Master’s cock in my ass.
At first I was riding on my Master’s cock.
my master lay me down on my back and fucked me.

He fucked me for several minutes (10, 15 or more) and getting stronger and stronger. I moaned louder and louder.
Again and again Master T. handed the bottle of poppers to me.

I took deep breaths, felt totally uninhibited, totally horny and moaned even louder.
My master
fucked me on the day more than once!

And each time it was just awesome!

But that’s another story I‘ll tell you in another place.

If you want to read it, then write it to the comments.

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