First Meeting With A New Master… 4.67/5 (3)

As I wrote, I had my first meeting with my new master T* on thursday. (*T is the name of my new master, at this Sir I was given for the time in which my real master is abroad to study.)
I would like to summarize what was going on at the first meeting.


The Arrival

I arrived to him at 8:00 am by train.
He waited at the railway station.

After I got off the train, I saw him waiting and walked up to him.
He looked at me and just studied me with his eyes.
Then there was a quick hug.
Because T lives in a small city where many people know him, he whispered in my ear that I should go behind him in the next few minutes. My hands should behaved as if they were tied up in my pockets.

If I wouldn’t let my hands there, there would be a severe punishment, when we arrive at his home.


Undress and the first Mistake

First Meeting With Master T
I’m strangulated

After a few minutes walk we arrived at his apartment and walked up the hall to his flat. When I had entered the apartment, T told me that I should take off the sweater and shirt at first.Then I made my first mistake.
– I always wear a bandanna. I undressed it with my sweater.
But that wasn’t in terms of T.
T said in a harsh tone to me: “Have I allowed that?

Meekly, I replied, “No”.

T next command was that I should take off my Chucks and white Nike socks.
I did what T commanded me.
T came up behind me, pulled a dark scarf from his pocket and blindfolded me with this.


Time for a Nap

For a few seconds (it was perceived minutes) nothing happened.
I stood at attention in his floor.
I breathed quietly and smoothly, I was curious would happen next.

Suddenly T grabbed me from behind around my chest.
He caressed me and gave me compliments.

But then the tide turned.

T put his arm around my neck and took me in a sleeper hold.
At first T did this nor very loosely, so I could breath and hear his words he said to me: “I told you, you get your punishment if you disobey! Were you allowed to remove your bandanna?

Meekly, I replied again, “No, Sir!” but before I could even pronounce the word “Sir”, T increased the pressure on my neck.
I think I uttered a grunt of mine, tried to defend myself reflexively, but then I was already unconscious.

A few seconds later, I woke up on the floor of T.
I think, the sleeper hold made my cock very horny, ‘cause I had a boner into my jeans, as I woke up.
The first words I perceived from T were: “Take your jeans off!


The Shower

I followed what T commanded me and took off my jeans.
Did I say that you should do it lying on the floor?”, T said.
No Sir!”, I said.
“Then get up!”, T barked at me.
I stood up and gave my jeans to T.

T gathered up my clothes and left the corridor. At least I suppose that he left the room with my clothes. I could not see it.

A moment later T came back.
I heard how he opened a door.

Go into it,” T said to me and pushed me toward the door he had opened before.
It was a bathroom, in which he pushed me.
Due to the tiles which I felt on my feet, I knew that it was a bathroom, which I entered.

Go on,” commanded me T and pointed out, “Attention, step!
I stood in a shower!
Legs apart, Emo! Hands on your body and stand to attention!

I was following the words and guessed what happens next. – And so it was.
T opened a faucet in the shower and suddenly flowed ice cold water over my torso.

Did I not say, if you disobey, follows a punishment?

I could hardly breathe because the water was so cold from the tap. I was so cold!
I squeezed a “Yes” from my lips.
Yes, Sir!
Yes Sir, thank you for the punishment!
My words were so meekly and intimidated. I feared nor a worse punishment if I don’t answer still submissive.

T turned off the shower.

Turn around,” he snapped at me in a hard voice, “and bend over! In front of you is a wall. Hands on the wall!

I turned around, bent down and put my hands on the wall.
I was cold, but I did not dare to tremble.

T let me stay in this position for a moment, and then without warning the cold water tap to turn up again.
He pointed the shower upon my back.

Again, I could hardly breathe from the cold.
I felt dizzy.
I was afraid to say anything anyway.
I let it happen.

Retrospect, it was not so bad, because T’s power was so exercised, sexually arousing.

T turned off the shower.
Turn around and stand up straight!”, he said


Next Mistake

T left the room again.

I was still cold and I moved probably.
When T walked into the bathroom again, he asked me in a serious voice: “Did you have permission to move you?
No Sir!

Due to his past behavior, I knew that I will received a punishment later, and so it was.

But first, T asked me in a gentle voice, if I want to shower myself warm after the cold water ordeal.

In order not to make the next mistake and express my obedience, I answered T with a submissive “No”.
You should accept my offer if I’ll make it,” T responded to me and handed a towel.
I went blind (I was still blindfolded) out of the shower and dried myself.

T led me back into the hallway.


The Bondage

T initially put a rope around my left wrist in order subsequently to tie around my left thigh.
He conducted the rope around my waist to my right wrist. He repeated the steps.
The rest of the rope he tied around my abdomen and tied a knot on my back.

T took a second rope.
This he wrapped two times (more or less) easily around my neck.
The rest of the rope he led to a loop of the first rope on my back and then to my thighs. One end of the rope he fixed on my left thigh, the other on my right.

T tied the rope so well that, depending on whether I pulled my shoulders up or left hanging, I could breathe better or it was harder to breathe.
I could breathe either way, but with drooping shoulders, it was a little heavier.
So the whole thing was more a matter of a mind game.

The next Room

So, now go into the next room,” T led me across a room in which it felt cold and I was afraid that might be the room in which I spend the next time, but he brought me further to a warmer place.
Stay where you are, Emo!

T left the room in which I found myself.

I heard him in the next room. He was looking for something or was preparing something. I wasn’t sure what he was doing there.


Cling Film – Mummification

He came back and commanded that I should stand straight.
I felt something cold on my shoulders and it crackled.

T started to wrap me with cling film.
He began at my shoulders and continued to my chest, my abdomen, my thighs and finally to my lower legs up to my ankles.

Through its bondage I had now even more aware, as I hold my shoulders. I was slouching, it was harder to breathe, as if I raised.

After he was finished and I mummified, he opened with a scissors, the points where my nipples are located, as well as my cock and balls.

So that later he could play with my nipples, cock and balls, to torture me.


The next Punishment

T left me so prepared for a moment before he took clothespins.
Of these clothespins he fixed two on each nipple and some at my balls.

This was so horny.

Did I not say, if you disobey, follows a punishment?”, T asked.
Yes Sir,” was my reply.
I didn’t even know what I had done wrong again, but I knew that I will suffer.
You know what you’ve done?
I dared to say otherwise and replied, “Yes Sir!
What was your mistake?
I stammered …
What?” T asked again.
I don’t know, Sir!
In that moment I remembered. “Yes Sir, I moved, as it doesn’t allow me!
You talk too much, Emo,” I heard T talking behind me.

He put his strong hands around my body, hugged me close to him and slipped a hand over my mouth and nose.
This hand he pressed over my nose and mouth so that I could no longer breathe.
I tried not to breathe.
After a few seconds (maybe it was 30 seconds, maybe more, maybe less) I could no longer hold my breath.
I had to breathe.
I tried to open my mouth.
I turned my head from side to side.
Got some air, but then T took his other hand and pushed the even over my nose and mouth.
Now I couldn’t even breathe.
I struggled even more to take a breath, but that was useless.

T enjoyed it, as I panicked.
My cock was enjoying it probably, too.
I got a really hard boner.

I kept fighting for breath, so I slowly got dizzy. The bondage around my neck probably did the rest.

Then T stopped his action.
A little longer and I would have gone back into unconsciousness.


Some Fun

I took some deep breaths.

Lie down! Let yourself fall, trust me,” T said.
I fell backwards and landed on a mattress on the floor.

Now T wanted something sexual fun.
He stroked my body in the saran wrap, touching my nipples.

Took off the clothespins (which did pretty hurt, but was cool) to massage the nipples, but then again clamp the clothespins on the nipple.
T jerked my cock. Gave me kisses.
Then he sat down over me and I was allowed to suck his hard cock.
He gave me time to rest, so I was feeling good.
His cock was so horny to blow.
It was a really nice deepthroat.

Out of the cling film begging for punishment

I want to have more fun with you, so you have to be able to move a little more. I will set you free from the mummification.
T took a pair of scissors and removed the cling film from my body.
I was now in the open cling film.
Turn to the side so that I can remove the cling film!
I didn’t quite understand, maybe I didn’t understand it, to be punished.
T repeated his sentence, but in a sharper wording.
I turned to the side so that T could remove the cling film.

The punishment

Lie down on your belly!
But the clothespins …” before I could finish the sentence I heard T: “Lie on your stomach, immediately.
I did as he commanded me.
The clothespins hurt, but it was his command.

Did I not say, if you disobey, follows a punishment?
Yes Sir!” Cool, finally I will be punished, I thought.
How will he take my breath this time, I asked myself.

But this time he let me breathe.
He took a rope and spanked my ass.
Ouch,” I meant to say “that hurts”, but I did not dare.
Eventually, it did not hurt too much and then I said, “Ouch.

T stopped immediately.
Well, you realize gradually that I’m serious?
Yes Sir, thank you for this!
(I meant “thank you” in all seriousness, because of his hardness and consistency is what I need.)

“Turn back on your back and sit down, Emo!”



I turned around and sat down.
T left the room again. When he came back, I heard something crunching.
T gave me a soul kiss.
I like the way you enjoy the suffering. I want to see you, as you struggle for air. Would you?
Yes Sir, please!” I said timidly.
You wanted?
Yes Sir, please,” I said firmly.
All right, struggle!

Again I heard it crackle.
T clapped me a bag over my head.
It was a very solid bag.
He let a little air in the bag before he quite shut the bag with a ribbon around my neck.

I tried not to breathe the first time in order to enjoy more time into the bag.
Then I had to take my first breath.
I breathed quietly and consistently. Gradually my breathing accelerated.
The breathing became deeper and faster, deeper and faster.
I tried to calm the breath and breathed slowly, but deeply.
Reflexively, I opened my mouth more and more.
I soaked the bag into my mouth, feeling the plastic on my tongue.
My tongue struck the bag.
I began to struggle.
I windy.
I tried the last to pull oxygen out of the bag.
I groaned.

T liked that I could feel it. That gave me more drive.

My cock was really hard and wet.
I felt dizzy.
I didn’t want to give the stop signal, but then my master opend the bag, so I can breath.
I made a deep breath.

Enough, I have even more planned with you!”, said T.

First Poppers Time 

T left me tied up, but gave me time to recover.
Previously, he took all the clothespins off of my body.
He did so slowly that it really hurt again. But that just made me even hotter.
I lay for a while tied up in front of him.
Sometimes T stroked me.
He praised me.
Kissed me.

I want you to cum for the first time,” T said after a time. Have you ever tasted poppers?
Would you? Would you really? I’m not forcing you!
Yes sir, I want that!
Do you know how to use it?
Yes, I’ve seen it before.

T explained it to me yet again.
Lie down, Emo and relax!

T held a bottle of poppers in front of my left nostril.
I took a breath.
Then he held the bottle against to the right nostril.
I took another breath.

It smelled chemically and I don’t find pleasant, but the feeling was then almost indescribable.

It was quite warm in the head and then I felt easy, almost floating.
Meanwhile T jerked my cock.
I groaned, he should made it stronger and faster and faster. He did…
I shot a huge load cum all over his hand and over my head.
He jerked on.
Normally, it would now be uncomfortable, but it was still cool.

He jerked up and I didn’t want him to stop.

This was such a cool feeling.

T then opened my bonds, but the session was far from over.
T let me cum four times and he cum on my body.

We had the day even more still breathplay, but that would blow up here.
I will visit T again this Friday and this time will definitely happen even more, after we were able to gain confidence.

Do you have suggestions that will give to him?

Maybe I allowed to tell you about the next session.



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