Why I broke with Master T.?

I told you in one of the last posts there would be problems between me and master T.
Such is the case I would like to briefly explain.


I know some Masters and slaves (or bottoms too) see a relationship between them, the slave has to do only what the master commands and wishes.
This is basically


Some argue further a basic confidence to the master by the slave isn’t so important or isn’t at all.

I don’t agree.

Even though second to none is the fun of the Master.
But that the master can have some fun, the slave must also be able to trust him.

Especially during breath control play and the game with the loss of consciousness the slave/bottom must be able to trust his Master.

As a slave or bottom you give your master the most important thing you have. – Your life!

So you have to trust!

You have to trust, that you wake up, the Master removes the bag from your head, or solves the noose and so on and so forth.

Without this confidence in this case (no matter the reason) the relationship between Master and slave can’t work.

Wasn’t able to trust

Exactly this is the problem between Master T. and me.
I wasn’t able to trust him.
There have been repeated
incidents in which I doubted Master T.

I don’t want discuss the particular issues, so they are only of interest to me and Master T. It wouldn’t be fair to him, as we (me and him) haven’t talked about it.

In the end it was a gut feeling, why I couldn’t find no confidence in him.
I’ve done my best, but when I found confidence, he destroyed it with trifles again.

Broke ties

I hoped we would meet again this week to even talk about it.
However, Master T. broke ties on Saturday.

I’ve to accept this.
He knew how I saw my position and how important confidence is to me. He kept saying that it is okay for him.

From a trifle he has broken off all contact.


Have grudge?

Nevertheless, I have no grudge to the time that I had with Master T.
Master T. gave me a lot of nice things and experience.
He gave me closeness as he gave me hardness.
I enjoyed his closeness, even if the confidence for breath control was missing.
Through him, I experienced for the first time the intoxication by poppers.
With him I had my first anal sex.
Through him, I can enjoy passive anal sex (also without poppers).

Thank you Master T!

And now?
I’ll keep on the lookout for a new master.

If I’ve found a new master, or master T and I still get together, I will notify you.

Stay tuned!

The blog will continue with new stuff of other BC play, of course.

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