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How did you find out you liked/wanted to play breath control, be choked/strangled to unconsciousness? How did you meet your master? What does the master do to discipline you?

gaybdsmbreathcontrol EmoBCSMSlave Said:

Hi flipque22!

Very good questions.

How I found out I like breath control or choked/strangled to

That’s a little bit crazy …

I can’t say how long I’m into BC to fainting.

I know, I played my first “pass out game” at the age of 11.
– Of course that was without any sexual thoughts. But I liked the feeling after I woke up.
So I and my boarding mates played the pass out game very often.
We knew that it was dangerous what we have done, but we was at the age hazards were challenges.

Over the years, I forgot the game.
I and my friends, school mates didn’t play it any longer.

BC as part of my sexual behavior

I was 17, maybe it was with 16 too that I found pics of a website that called

I found pics of one of the website actors. His name is Tal.
In the picture that I saw his face was so incredibly…
The tape on his face, the facial expression … that was awesome.


I immediately got the desire to be in place of Tal.
At this point I had no passions to be unconscious. – At least I did not realize it.

The passion to be unconscious was through clips in a social network called ‘Male To Male Breath Control’ (by the way, the network has returned today with a new Domain).
I watched guys who are unconscious from breath play, strangulation and choking.

Among other things I watched videos of “asphixiaskin” and his awesome slave. I has been simply horny as I watched the videos.

How I met my Master?

*smile* Sounds like a cbs sitcom. 😉

I think you mean my current Master – Master T?

If you mean my last boyfriend, who passed away.
I met him 2007 during a school trip to the university. He was our group leader.

Master T. I have already met a few years ago (2006, maybe 2007 too) on an online gay community.
We have chatted many years only.

He was always clear that we don’t meet us. – No, that’s wrong.
It was clear, that we wouldn’t have sex, cause I had a boyfriend.

Master T. was like a good friend with whom you could talk about anything.
At some point we talked about sexual passions. We found out that we share the same passions.
About these passions we came together a few months ago.

How to discipline me…

That can’t be generalized.

In constantly invade new things as he can punish me.
may be cold showers (I hate cold showers to), hot wax, words, nonobservance, breath control, chokes, if I did not expect it, and many other variations.
What he does not, he doesn’t hit me, not even a spanking… And that’s okay.

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