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So you fan of andy sixx? Me too.. He’s emo star since years ago n now as lead vocal screamo band he looks more cool n cute expecially when he wear tatto shirt n tight leather pant with the way sign near his dick 🙂 sorry thiz out of BDSM but how ur opinian about him? Hope you cut your hair likes andy too n post here full face without scraf close ur face..
gaybdsmbreathcontrol gaybdsmbreathcontrol Said:

Yep, I’m Andy Sixx Biersack fan, too.
He’s a real cutie, he has a real life story and Andy can really sing.

I follow Sixx’s career a few years. I think I follow his career, and the band’s first album since 2009 or shortly before.


I love Black Veil Brides new 2013 album “Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones”, that tells a story.
I memorized every song and because I myself sing in a band, I cover the songs in my room. :D

I just hope the band and Sixx will not be so mainstream as other bands.
That has already harmed my other favorite bands like 30 Seconds To Mars and Tokio Hotel.

Especially 30 Seconds To Mars has lost a little magic of time, as I still had to explain to people, who is Jared Leto.
Moreover, they have become completely commercially.

Or Tokio Hotel, the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz are now members of the jury of the show “DSDS Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, the German version of American Idol.
That makes me miserable to see them at this scrap.
In Germany, Idol is just a comedy show.
In my opinion and many others the Audition participants will be offended and degraded by Dieter Bohlen, the German Simon Cowell, and the television station RTL.
Hardly anyone can really sing, even the winners can not.
The winner
is usually forgotten within a few weeks.

The music that is produced is cheap pop. Each song is composed in the same way, everyone could sing. It takes no talent.
I call this type of music despicable Plastic Music”.

I digress. I’m sorry!

My hair cut… I have agreed with my hairdresser that I let my hair grow a bit. After that then the haircut will follow.
Only my hair ends were cut and my hair color has been revitalized.

Certainly there will be pictures without scarf.
Maybe later this week are already images appear. (Images in which I am bound.)
At the end a realtiv updated picture of me – without scarf. 😉



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