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I like you pics, your posts. I think you want to develop more trust in your master before you do any breath control. I know you like extreme and being a slave, but have you ever had a ‘regular’ (vanilla) loving relationship.?
gaybdsmbreathcontrol EmoBCSMSlave Said:

Hi flipque22!

Thanks! 🙂

Maybe, you won’t believe, but I had have a regular vanilla loving relationship.

My last boyfriend and I haven’t had only a pure BDSM relationship.
BDSM was a part of it. But it wasn’t all.

The beginning of our relationship consisted solely of a vanilla romantic loving relationship.

During our relationship, we started with BDSM, but vanilla sex was always been a solid and much bigger part than BDSM was.

Then my boyfriend passed away.

For 5 years we were a couple.
He was my first real boyfriend. You know, you have a lot of girl- and boyfriends during your puberty. Most of them doesn’t outlast more than a few days or weeks. But with him I was 5 years a couple and he was my real love.

He wasn’t my first Master. – Well, this is another story.


Ps: Oh, I forgot to mention, Master T and I also have vanilla sex.

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