Carry on to be Master T.s bottom and slave?

I had a chat with Master T., past weekend.
We have talked things out (back-story Why I broke with Master T.).

Was a good slave

Master T told me, that I was a good slave.
He never wanted to give me the feeling that I couldn’t trust him.
He just wanted to be tough and fair, like a slave deserves.

Something was too quick

We talked about the fact we wanted some practices too quickly.
He understood that I’m a young slave and had have another (my first) Master for a couple of years. It takes more time for me to be able to trust him as my new Master.

2nd chance?

Maybe it’s crazy, but I would like to give Master T. a second chance.

I wanna ask him for a second chance and whether we could try it again.

Still follow his rules

My gut feeling for breath control with him has not improved, yet.
But if I remember what it’s like to serve Master T., how he has treated me, how I was enjoying its closeness, how he was preparing me for my first anal sex, myself and my heart wanna give him the chance.

All the rules that he gave me at the beginning, I still follow.
It’s as if I was still being his own, his slave, still serve him.

Meeting in Tuesday

On Tuesday I will meet Master T. again.
I think I’ll still serve him and continue his slave.


Beg Master T. submissive

I will beg Master T. submissive, if he allowed me to be his slave.
I shall fulfill all his wishes. And accept his punishment for my insubordination.
If the punishment is breath control and unconsciousness, I’ll accept them.

I need Master T.
It’s crazy.
I’m going nuts without him.

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