A breath controlled, pass out and poppered meeting with Master T.


I still wanted to tell you of my last meeting with Master T. in February.
That was before I got the flu and before I had to make my clinical practice.


That is a long, horny story and I can not even tell you everything. Otherwise it would be a book. 😉

As I have already indicated, Master T. and I would meet again to speak out. That was not all. We still had a BDSM and breath control session.

From this session, I would like to report you.

First, Master T. and I were at a neutral ground to talk about us.
After a detailed discussion, we both came to the agreement that we have to try a session. We went to his house.  He let me feel he’s the master.

The Session starts

When I entry to his apartment, I had been undress it in his hallway.
– Only my bandana I could or had to leave around my neck.
Why, I should feel even later.

Master T. forced me to my knees and ordered me that I have to close my eyes.

After a while he came back.
With a cloth, he blindfolded me so tightly that I could not see anything.
“Open your yap,” Master T. commanded me in a sharp tone.

First Blow Job and Deep Throat

I heard how he opens his pants and felt his hard cock in my face.
“Blow my dick,” commanded Master T., “take him completely!”
When I took my hand to assistance, he pushed my hand away.
“No hands,” he barked at me, “but the little puppy it probably can not do without. Wait!”
Master T. walked out of the hall again.
When he returned, he told me that I should get up and put my hands behind my back.
Master T. bounded me, as he did at our first ever meeting.
I was unable to move my hands and arms.

“On your knees,” he barked at me again.
As I knelt in front of Master T., he grabbed my neck.
No, he took my bandana on my neck. He took my bandana tighter and tighter around my neck. Now my bandana was like a garrote.
I began to groan, felt like my blood backs up in my head and I felt slightly dizzy.
But it felt horny and I had the confidence that I was missing so in Master T.. My cock was super hard.

“Blow! Take him (his cock) completely!” I heard Master T..
He wanted a deep throat. I did my best, but could not get his relatively thick and very big cock into my mouth.
Also, I became increasingly dizzy, because T. took my bandana tighter and tighter.

“You need help, huh?” Master T said.
The fact that I was dizzy, I took my surroundings only true as by a veil.
This continued even when Master T. disengaged my bandana.

Take a breath

I heard how Master T. opened something. And then I took already perceive the smell, the smell of poppers.
T. held the bottle under my nose and I took several of deep breaths.
Quickly, I could feel my heart beat faster and felt the Poppers worked in my brain.

“Take it,” I perceived.
Uninhibited – the poppers had its effect – I took Master T.’s tail. The first time in my life I was able to take a cock up into my throat. “Wow, what horny feeling,” I thought!
I blowing his cock faster and faster, deeper and deeper.

Then T. took his cock out of my mouth.
“Get up,” he ordered.
Still dizzy from the poppers and still horny for his tail, I got up very slowly. Master T. did not like it obviously. He barked at me that I do not notice it.


Master T. moved me from the hallway toward his playroom.
Because my eyes were still blindfolded, he had to manouvre me into the playroom.

He made ​​me feel his displeasure. He let me run against the corners of the doors.
When we were in his playroom and I was standing in the room, he spankted me respectively my ass.
He did it with the bare hand.
“You know why,” Master T. asked and hit even harder on my ass.
My ass must have been really red when he was ready.
However, through the spanking my horniness was not lower.
The pre-cum dripping out of my hard cock.

Is he there?
I can’t breath

“Stay where you are and do not move!” Commanded Master T..
I stood for a while motionless in his playroom.
I did not dare to move.

I do not know what Master T did.
I did not hear him in the room, although I’m sure he was there the whole time.

Suddenly I felt how Master T. choked me with my bandana around my neck.
He was standing behind me.
With one hand he choked me with my bandana. With the other hand he caressed my body and my cock.

He kissed my neck and pulled the bandana tighter and tighter.
I groaned again, but I felt so good and secure.
Master T. jerked my cock. The more horny I was, the more he pulled my bandana tighter and tighter.
I became more and more dizzy. I groaned louder. Was hornier and hornier.

Bring it to the end
– First Time

Master T. jerked my cock harder. Pulled the bandana again tighter and tighter.
He whispered, “You like this? Look, it’s still works, puppy! We bring it to the end?”
Although I had to groan, but could still breathe well. As the garrote was like a blood chok, I was so dizzy. I was barely aware of my surroundings, I only felt my horniness and confidence. So I replied with a quiet but firm: “YES.”

Pass Out Cum

Master T. jerked my cock even stronger and pulled the bandana tightly.
I felt like I would cum any moment and I felt how I would be just as equally unconscious.
My body felt quite easy and I was so horny.
The last thing I felt that my knees went weak.
Then I must have fainted and I must have cum.

When I came to my senses on the wooden floor, I was once scared. I could see nothing, not move and everything felt as soft as butter.
I quickly realized where I was, what happened and that I’m bounded and blindfolded.

Lick it off the floor

The feeling was just horny. Master T. caressed my body.
“Welcume back,” Master T. said, and then quickly back to act as a master.
“Turn on your knees,” he ordered. As I sat on my knees, he pressed my head to his floor, “lick it up, bitch!”

I smelled sperm, my sperm, and had to lick it off the floor.
What a humiliating feeling.
But that is the feeling which an emo slave likes me needs!
I enjoyed Master T.’s hardness.


Master T. held my head where my sperm was.
There I had to lick the floor. After I had licked some of my sperm, Master T. had some lenient to me.
He put a wet mop under my knees and ordered me (still blindfolded and bound arms) wipe the floor.


After I had finished, Master T. commanded me, I should stand up.
I stood up and Master T. took me to his bathroom.
He washed me with cold water.
I was still horny and my cock was still hard despite the freezing cold water.

“Still horny,” Master T. asked me. “You’re a good slave!”
Master T. turned off the water, solved my bonds, in order to move towards new, after he commanded me that I had to dry myself.
Then Master T. brought me back to his playroom.
Master T. solved the bonds again and guided me to the bed.

Back in Playroom
– Candles, Wax, Clamps and Pain

Arriving at the bed, Master T. pushed me onto the bed.
“Hands above your head,” he ordered, “legs apart!”
The Master tied my arms and legs to the bed.
When he had finished he put clamps on my nipples, my flank to my belly button and my plump balls. The last clip he put on the top of the prepuce of my uncut cock.

Master T. then lighted candles.
The wax of the candles he poured first over my nipples, over my chest, on my stomach. He then poured the wax on my balls.
On my entire upper body, I felt hot wax and such, which was cold.

The pain of hot wax and clamps sparked an even stronger feeling of horniness in me.
I moaned and wanted more.
Master T. took the clamp off of my foreskin.
Then he poured wax on my cockhead.

So I was quite a time on the bed, when Master T. suddenly began to remove the clamps.
It hurt so much and was so horny at same.

The next Blow Job and Depp Throat

“You’ve had enough fun, now I’m back to it,” Master T. said, “Blow my dick, bitch!”
He pinched me into my nipple. – It hurt again.

He sat down on my chest. I knew what was coming. He had said so.
“Open your puss, bitch!”
Master T. pushed his cock into my mouth and fucked my mouth.
When he realized that I still had a gag reflex when his cock was too deep in my mouth, he grumbled: “Bitch, it’s probably not again without?”

Master T. covered my back the bottle poppers under my nose.
“Now breathe deeply!”
I inhaled deeply the poppers. Master T. changed each time the nostril. – Again and again I made deep breaths.

After Popper showed its effect, Master T. pushed his hard cock in my mouth.
He fucked me back into my mouth, this time his cock came up into my throat.

It was a simply awesome feeling. I moaned and enjoyed it.
I believe Master T. was close to cumshot his load. He pulled his cock out of my mouth.
Then he reached to the side. I heard a grating noise. It was the sound of tape, which immediately stuck over my mouth.

The Tape Breath Control

“Your yap is no longer needed once,” Master T. told me. “Besides, you’re breathing too much for me! But first take a few more breaths of poppers. That will make it easier for you – or not, ” Master T. said wryly.
I did as he commanded me. Again I took deep breaths from the popper bottle.
My cock was still plumper and I still hornier.

Then I heard again the sound of tape.
First, Master T. stuck the tape on my nose and then he stuck it on tip of my nose.
Now he pressed the tape, so I could no longer breathe.
When I am struggle, I got some air. But the more I struggled, the less I got air.

The popper worked really, so at first I did not have to breathe deeply.

In the meantime Master T. caressed over my body and jerked my cock.
He talked soothingly to me.

I thought, the combination of all, has allowed me to manage for quite a while without air.

But then I was able no other way. I needed air. My body needed air.
I began to fight for air, I struggled, I windy in my bonds. I was trying my hands out from the bonds to solve. But I could not, of course.
So the panic grew worse. But it was just still a good feeling.

Master T. jerked my cock again stronger and stronger. The more I was freaked out, the more he jerked me.

At some point I was too weak to continue to fight.

Master T. immediately stopped the wanking of my cock. He ripped the tape off from my nose. I took a deep breath, I did not notice right away that I took it too deep breaths from the popper bottle.
I was immediately high on poppers. (Warning, do not try this. T. master knew what he was doing and I was previously agreed.)

In this condition Master T. stuck once again the tape over my nose.
So everything started again from the beginning.
By the popper intoxication I have struggled lower, but I could enjoy it even more.

The First Fuck

But also this time I was not allowed to cum.
Master T. stopped, before I can cum.
He solved my bonds from the bed.
But he tied my hands again on my back.

“I want to fuck you,” Master T. growled at me.
He lay down on his bed, I should ride on him.
Master T. covered a condom over his hot and hard cock.
He rubbed my asshole with a lot of lube and fingered in my ass. Then he rubbed his cock with lube, so his cock could slide well into my ass.

“Sit on my cock, puppy.”
I sat down on his cock and we took his cock in my ass. I started to ride on Master T.’s cock.
It was, as always, since I was fucked for the first time, one of the horniest feelings.

I riding his cock. I felt it myself. That was some ecstasy, but then Master T. again held Popper under my nose.
I took deep breaths, because I was already in ecstasy and became even more wilder.

I was riding even more wild on his cock
My hard cock slapped his and my belly.
I moaned incredibly loud.

Master T. demanded a change of position. He pushed me back, so I lay on the bed.
My legs clutching his body. He thrust his cock deep and hard in my ass. You could hear his body as he slapped against my ass cheeks.

Master T. was in ecstasy, too.
He held once again the popper bottle under my nose. I was completely intoxicated. (Yes, I wanted that way.)
It was simply great.

Then Master T. pulled his cock out of my ass.
I should standing up, he commanded in a serious tone.
I was slightly dizzy from the fuck.

The Pass Out The Bound And The Chair

He brought me into the room and told me to sit down on the chair, which he had put there. I was still blindfolded, so he helped me that I could sit.


I heard again the sound of tape.
With the tape he tied my legs to the chair legs at first.
Then he solved the bonds on my arms and hands, afterward he tied my arms and hands with duct tape, just like my legs to the chair.

Then he solved the bonds on my arms and hands. Then he tied my arms and hands with duct tape, just like my legs to the chair.

Exactly like on the bed, he put clamps on my nipples, my chest and on my balls.

The clear Bag

He then took off the blindfold. Wow, that was bright at once
I was dazzled by the light. I could initially only dimly realize what was happening around me.

Master T. had a clear bag in his hand. He took off my bandana and pulled the bag over my head. The bag was open yet.
My eyes had grown accustomed to the light.
However, Master T. acted behind me. What he did, I could only guess.

He pushed something under the bag, I could smell it right away!
It was cotton balls filled with poppers.
Master T. afterwards locked the bag in which he tied the bandana around my neck and the bag.

At the beginning I took only slightly breaths of enriched poppers bag.
The effect was inevitable. I was back in intoxication.
Then I was breathing faster, but got no panic.
After a while I breathed deeper, but less rapidly, without the feeling of real panic.
The bag was still full of poppers and I even more high.
It was the combination of poppers and a lack of oxygen, which made ​​me high.

At some point the lack of oxygen was so high that I tore my mouth.
I sucked the bag into my mouth.
I began to struggle for breath. But I could not fight for long, because with the open mouth, I took on more of the poppers.

Master T. opened the bag briefly so that I could breathe.
He let dropping out the popper cotton balls and locked the bag again.
I started this time on rapidly gasping for air.
I struggled even though I was still high on poppers.
The bag sucked deep into my mouth.
My head was moving left and right. I tried to shake the bag off. I tried to free my hands from bondage. Of course, I did not succeed.

Master T.  looked on me an my struggling with pleasure to the drama.
He liked what he saw.

Despite the struggle, I enjoyed it, to see him like that.
My cock was still hard and it was a lot on pre-cum.
But under the bag I was not thinking about this circumstance with my cock.
I only gasped to the remaining air.
I was getting weaker and was breathing only slowly and deeply.

Just before I lost consciousness, Master T. took the bag off.
I took several deep breaths.
At the time he took away the clamps on my body.
I was so in the state of breathlessness, that I did not notice the pain.

After I had recovered somewhat and Master T. kissed, caressed and showed me that he is there, he moved behind the chair.
He put his arm around my neck. He whispered slightly something in my ear, I could not understand. Then he put on a sleeper. At first he pressed not too hard.
I just felt like my blood in the brain hesitated slightly.

Have A Nice Short Sleep

Master T. still had a free hand. With this free hand he ruffling through my hair and caressed me. But then he took his hand to finish the sleeper.
After a few seconds I was unconscious.
I quickly regained consciousness.

Master T. solved the bonds.
I had to lay back on the bed. He tied me there again.
He tied me so that he had access to my asshole.

Fuck Me Again
– You have the choice

He allowed me to get some rest.
“I want to fuck you again!”  Master T. said to me, “You have a choice, with or without poppers! That I fuck you is clear. Just like the rest, which I intended to do with you.”
“I …, I do not know,” I stammered.
“Once again, I do not ask. Then I decide it,” said Master T..
“Poppers!” I answered.

You could pass out

“So be it!”, he said and stated further, “I fuck you without that you get air, you know what it means? But you moan too loud, I’ll gag you with a piece of tape over your mouth. And then pull a bag over your head with poppers cotton balls. I take the bag only off,  if you’ve cummed or you’re unconscious. I fuck you until you cum!”

After these words he walked the talk.
He taped duct tape over my mouth. He allowed me at first to sniff the bottle of popper.
Then he jerked my cock a short time. Master T. took a condom. Rubbing his cock and my asshole with lube.
I was on my back. Now he took his cock in my ass.
He pushed a few times his cock in my ass, then he pulled the plastic bag over his head. He watered a few cotton balls with poppers, which he put in the bag and locked it with my bandana.
His cock was all the time in my ass.

I immediately felt the effects of poppers … I was high.

Master T began to fuck me. He thrust faster and faster and harder.
I moaned through the tape, I enjoyed it.
At first I did not notice how I was running out of breath.
I wanted to be fucked by Master T. harder and stronger.
My cock and my balls were supposedly very tight and strong.

I have to breath – I can’t

Master T. fucked me harder.
I felt now that I could not breathe in the bag.
I remembered the words of Master T. that I only get fresh air again, when I cummed..

I wanted to fight for air. I wanted to tear up my mouth.
I could not. I had to cum …
I was still very horny. The poppers continued to contribute.
Master T. should fuck me harder, I wanted scream it in his face, but through the gag I could not.
I could only moan and give grunts of mine.
I was getting dizzy. I saw in Master T.’s eyes , I knew he won’t leave until I cummed, or I became unconscious.

I cum and passed out

He should fuck me harder and faster, I thought.
I just wanted him and I wanted me to cum.
At that moment I would have done anything.

Master T. finally started to jerk my cock while he fucked me continue.

My breathing must already have been completely flattened. I was barely conscious when I cum. I felt just as I moaned and cum.

Master T. immediately took the bag from my head, as he promised.
After that, I was nevertheless immediately unconscious.
That was too much. But it was very cool! Yes, it was!

Wake up

When I woke up in the arms of Master T., he asked me if everything is okay.
He wanted to stop, he told me.
He caressed me and cared for me. I was quickly back into shape.

Next Deep Throat

“Make more?” Master T. asked, “or do you want to quit?”
“No, I want you to jerk off too. I want you to cum in my mouth.” was my answer.
(We had already agreed before sex that he can cum in my mouth., The decision was made completely without horniness.
Master T. and I know we can. Sure, there is never a 100% guarantee. Therefore, you should consider something like this exactly.
We did it!)

“Then so be it, Emo Bitch! You’ve earned it! But not in bed! “

I was no longer tied up, but I was his slave and so we got out of the bed.
“Kneel up, puppy!”
“I want to give you a deep throat. … May I,” I asked.
“Are you allowed what?”  Master T. replied sternly, “a deep throat?”
“That too. I think I can not to get your big cock just like that up into the throat. May I use poppers?”
“That you have not to ask . Yes,” Master T. answered.
I reached for the bottle of poppers and took deep breaths.
I was horny all the time, but even more now.

I knelt in front of Master T., took his cock and slid it into my mouth without using my hands. I sucked his cock deep into my mouth, Master T. supported it, in which he covered my head and pressed it rhythmically on his cock.

Now Master T. (the first time that day) took a few breaths from the bottle of poppers.
We both were wilder and wilder. I took a few more times breaths from the bottle of poppers. I gulped his cock up into my throat.
Again and again and deeply, I took his cock in my mouth.

Master T. pressed my nose so that I could not breathe through my nose.
I blew his cock harder and harder, even though I could hardly breathe.
Master T. pressed my head with his other hand rhythmically on his cock. Even if I wanted to, I could not let go of his cock to breathe.

Master T. suddenly groaned and he inject his whole load into my mouth.
That was such a lot of that some ran out of my mouth.
I swallowed the first time sperm. His cum was very sweet and tasted incredibly delicious.

After the Session

That was all just a fraction of a 12-hour session.
We have done a lot more.
Finally, the confidence is there that I missed at the beginning.

Unfortunately, we realized also that I currently can not be his 24/7 slave.
We still live too far away for my studies does the rest. But, we will continue to meet for sessions.
We’re friends, he’s also a kind of my master and I’m his slave/buttom, but we are not a couple.
But for that we are experiencing things that friends do. We not only have sex and BDSM!
A couple would have not only sex and BDSM, too.




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